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Breastfed choking

Hi there,

My baby is 2 weeks old today. He has started spluttering almost choking like during feeds, I presumed it was because he was a bit of a guzzler! After I’ve pulled him off winded him and once he’s caught his breath seems ok but it’s happening more frequent. Tonight once he was fed (10 mins after) he fell asleep on my chest and then started to gag! Went straight back to sleep but it was terrible to watch now I’m paranoid!

He’s not a sicky baby at all! Only twice since he was born and the tiniest bit! He gets hic ups a lot but again I presumed from gulping! He’s always pulled strange faces after feeds and invetewem almost like he has a horrid taste in his mouth maybe a coincidence but any advice would be great!

He is putting in weight fantastically! I read about silent reflux and milk let down!

My milk is starting to leak when he cries or whilst I’m feeding the opppsite breast will leak! So milk let down could possibly be overactive!?

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It can be an oversupply or fast let down that causes this and the issue peaks at around 3/6 weeks. The good news is there are things that you can do to help baby and eventually your supply will align exactly to your babies needs which will also reduce the choking. More good news is, if you are producing lots of milk, your night feeds will be shorter! I was the same! :)

My 1 year old has had silent reflux since birth and the symptoms you describe doesn’t sound the same (apart from the hiccups but that can be wind too). Before diagnosis she would scream in pain for hours at a time, refuse to lay down/sleep and refuse any feeds leading to weight loss.

Here is a link with lots of helpful info on how to position baby to minimise choking/taking down excess wind. m.newkidscenter.com/Infant-...

Hope that helps x

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Hi. My 5 week old is the same. Went to the gp. Got told colic and prescribed infacol. Seems to help a bit. I give her a dose just before i put her on the breast.

I also lean back a bit to make the milk flow a bit slower.

You could try that see if it makes a difference.

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It always surprises me drs suggest infacol because there is no proof it works :)

What you are doing laying back is the best thing to do infact!


Hi Paige this is fairly normal you don’t need to give your baby anything just try laying back a little when feeding or letting the initial letdown run into a Muslin cloth and then attach him, here is a page with some advice from a lactation consultant


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Your flow is probably a bit over keen for him to keep up with. Have a chat with your health visitor they are usually brill. Don’t worry about baby’s face, they pull all sorts of faces and make funny noises, I remember staring at mine and worrying! If he’s gaining you’re doing great x

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Could be fast milk supply. I've had that. Express a bit before feeding or feed lying down so milk is pulled against gravity (lie on your back and baby on his front on your boob). I do this when my baby chokes x


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