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Pregnant photographer

Hi, I’m 5 weeks pregnant and work as a photographer. As mine is an IVF pregnancy, I’ve already had help with carrying the heavy stuff, to reduce chances of Ovarian Overstimulation. So far I have also managed to get in a lot of editing work to be able to take rests as and when I felt like I needed it. Last night, however, I had my first event shoot since falling pregnant and after about an hour and a half I started feeling really short of breath and like i just wanted to lie down and sleep. My question, i guess, is if there is anyone else out there who works in photography or any other job requiring mild physical activity and has struggled so early on in pregnancy. It didn’t help that this particular job involved giving lots of instructions and I’ve noticed that talking a lot gets me out of breath as well. I’m generally healthy and have done this job for years so it shouldn’t be an activity I can’t manage, but I’m now wondering if I need to cut back and take it easy?! Any advice would be appreciated.

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Honestly if you are getting out of breathe just talking you need to see a doctor. Being exhausted in the first trimester yes v common but not breathlessness.


Thanks Roxanna. I’ll def talk to my GP but after reading more comments on other forums it doesn’t seem completely unusual, which is a little bit of a relief. Still, I’ll take your advice and get it checked.


Hi there

I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant with IVF twins and I found at the beginning I was extremely breathless and tired (before it was confirmed it was twins at 7 weeks). How many embryos did you have put back? Xx


Hi Kloulou83, congrats on the twins, I hope all goes well. I only had one embryo transferred as that’s all there was when it came to transfer day. I’ve spoken to my GP and been told that breathlessness is very common early on but I’ve also upped my iron intake as I know my body has trouble with absorbing it. Not long now for you! Good luck! x

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Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and hope you get to take it easy. Xx


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