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Pregnancy after breast cancer

Hi my name is Lisa I have just turned 45 a year ago I finished my chemo for Breast cancer I had a op in March then after that I had radiotherapy for 4 weeks plus I had 18 lots of herceptin had my last one in December I then had my first period on the 14th of December which lasted 22days I stoped bleeding on the 6th January then on the 25 of January I had 2 pregnancy tests as I was felling a little weird which was positive how can I find out how far in the pregnancy I am can anyone help

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Congrats to you 😊. As far as I know the only certain way to find out is to have a scan. Best of luck with everything x


Congratulations to you and well done for getting through your tough year!

You could take a clear blue digital which does say weeks on it but it only goes to 3 or 4 weeks but you have to add another 2 weeks on to the results! If it says 3+ it means your 5+ weeks for example, if that’s the case then book an appointment at your GP explain your situation and they will send you for a scan and how to be referred to midwife! All the best xx


You probably should go see your gp to book you in to an early scan and date your pregnancy and refer you to hospital under consultant as you be considered high risk. I would also contactcyour oncology team to discuss this as might need extra surveillance.

Had a quick Google and there seemed to be very few cases of false positives with herceptin (0.05%) in a study.

Hope all turns out well.


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Hi thanks for you reply this was a bit of a shock especially as I was signed off from oncology about 2 weeks ago as I have been given the all clear cancer free but I will book an appointment with my GP on Monday and go from there thanks again



Massive congrats on your pregnancy. I am 44 and 34 weeks pregnant. You will be consultant lead due to your age and get more scans and midwife appointments which is nice as it gives you reassurance everything is progressing nicely. Make an appointment with the midwife asap as they get booked up really quickly. You can do this by contacting your GP and asking for a referral or you should be able to just ask for the midwife contact details and book your self in directly. Good luck and we are here if you need to know anything xx


Thanks for your reply and congrats to you not long to go now hope you had a good pregnancy and hope all goes well for the birth, I saw the doctor yesterday he said I'm about 6 weeks and he referred me to the midwife station and they said I will receive a call from a midwife in a couple days ill keep you Posted thanks


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