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Hello. Can you lovely mummies help, ive forgotten a few things from when i had my first.

1. How many nappies would you buy in preparation for your baby's arrival? (My first was 5 pound 12)

2. How long do you use cotton wool and water for before you change to wipes?

3. Im sadly unable to bf this time round, how do i stop my boobs filling up/help them to go down quicker?

4. As i wont be able to b/f, do i bring ready made cartons of milk and sterilised bottles to the hospital? And how many do i bring?

5. How many packs of maternity pads should i buy?

I would really appricate answers on the above. Thanks so much. Happy Cooking ☺

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Hi hun

I never got no advice on my first I'm a bit of an ocd lady but I never run out of anything and always was comfortable knowing my daughter was catered for,

I bought 5 large packs of nappies to have before she arrived

I used water and cotton wool till 12 weeks. I think it's personal preference really hun but try as long as you can in my opinion. (Ask the midwives at the hospital)

Can't, answer on the boobs hun I breast fed for 2 years don't know how to get them to go down quicker. But cold, cabbage leaves for the pain,

I did see the hospital provide milk for the babies regards to bottles I'm not sure. These things you could maybe ring the maternity assessment unit or midwives and find out.

Maternity pads I usually stock up on nighttime pads as my periods are heavy so that I'd buy 5 packs just to be safe. I always buy 5 packs of anything that I use frequently and top up when I get to two. That's just how I am. It's never failed me

Good luck with your birth hun. Congratulations


My LO was 7lb 8oz and we used probably 300 size 1s, in them until about 5 weeks, then less size 2s were in size 3s by 8/9 weeks. He was 13lb by 11 weeks old.

I personally used maternity pads for a few days, maybe a pack and a half and then went onto normal pads when the bleeding slowed down. Much more comfortable.

I also breast fed so not sure about bottles or getting milk to dry up. I’ve heard of things to avoid whole feeding, like peppermint tea as it can reduce supply.

We used water wipes when he was very little as I found them more convenient.

Good luck with baby.

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Thankyou Poppy. Do you know if you can use water wipes from birth?

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We did and didn’t have any problems. I’m not the biggest fan of touching cotton wool and this was a good alternative. They aren’t cheap but very natural. On offer in Tescos at the moment.

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Yes you can and it's sooo much easier! Amazon often have deals as there not cheap. Also found they could be cold sometimes so I'd warm in my hand first.

With the bf you can’t stop the initial ‘fill up’ just leave them completely alone and when the milk isn’t in demand your body will get the message not to supply. Just get some breast pads for the first week just in case. They don’t supply milk in hospital anymore, I got the little pre made up bottles that they used to supply in hospital, just really handy and save loads of time. No sterilising needed and just give them at room temp. Bit pricey but worth it I thought x

Lyndsay thank you. Do you have a link where i can buy these? Ty


Thats perfect. Appricate it. Do you know how many a baby would roughly go thru of these per 24hrs? Sorry for all the questions. Ive never even seen these ones before!

There’s a link - hope it works x

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I don’t really know any answers to the questions as I’m 37 weeks but we’ve bought quite a lot of nappies 😬 hopefully they will all get used.

Ask your midwife about bottle feeding as she asked me what milk I’m planning on using and the hospital will provide me that when the baby is here.

I’ve got about 3 packs of maternity pads which I’m hoping I won’t need all of them as they don’t look too comfortable xx

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Hydromermaid. How do i get a designated midwife? Do you get one when you reavh a certain amount of weeks? Ty

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You either see your GP or some places you can fill a form in online and they then contact you which I did. I saw my midwife first at 10 weeks then have seen her regularly throughout the pregnancy x

Ive had my 12w scan and got my 20w scan this Friday coming, but i just see the people who scan you really 😕

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Where are you based? You should have regular midwife follow up. I think my next one after the 20 week scan was 25 but I had one at 10 weeks and 16 weeks x

Doesn't sound right ... I'd call the community midwife team (get number from gp or closest hospital)

Hillingdon, Middlesex

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You should be under a midwife then. How did you get your scans booked? X

Hi my daughter Millie is 14weeks tomorrow... She was our first so the grandparents were buying packs of nappies here and there before she was born we had size 1,2 and 3! We used a good lot of nappies so I would but at least 2 packs of size 1...Sainsbury's are great and only 2pound a pack and Aldi too are on offer at the min 1.64 they are great! I'd but some different sizes to stock up... since birth we have used water wipes on her bum and cotton wool and cool boiled water on her eyes, nose and ears.. still doing this as it's working... the hospital should provide milk for you but as for stopping milk..when you don't breastfeed yours breast milk comes day 2 or 3 and when u don't use it then it will go just... i would bring a lot of maternity pads... I was only in hospital one day and used 2 packs..needed 2 at a time x

A side note- if you do find you end up with too many nappies then see if there's a local baby bank near you. It's like a food bank and I know the one near me are always after nappies.

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