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Not eating and tummy problems

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My little boy is nearly 1 and every evening after 5pm he starts to get a grumbly tummy, sweats as if he is in pain (but no temperature) and has been off his food for a week now but still takes his milk. He is sometimes sick in the night too.

Does anyone what this could be?


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Hi Hun sorry to hear about your little boy , I hope he gets better soon ! When’s the last time he opened his bowels ? X

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Fayew in reply to Sisi14

Thank you, Yeah he has been to the toilet today x

Is he teething? My 11mo gets a dodgy tummy and goes off her food when her mouth hurts. She only takes her milk too, I think because it doesn’t need chewing!

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Yes he seems to be teething as he has 6 already. Just don’t know if it’s a bug or teeth x

Have you also looked into the possibility of an allergy? Could something he's eating be disagreeing with him?

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roxannacar in reply to Kempton

These are not symptoms of allergy... allergy is a reaction to the food not refusing it.

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Kempton in reply to roxannacar

Chill your beans, you clearly know everything!

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I'm pretty chilled ... obviously you aren't. Sorry if you don't want to learn and correct misconceptions

Hi Hun is he drinking cows milk or infant milk ? He also could have a lactose intolerance in something if it’s not teething! If he’s still off solids try calling your health clinic see if they can help you. Sorry not much help and I hope he gets well soon.

Asked about toileting as my little girl doesn’t eat if she’s not gone toilet for 3 days and she’s on movicol medication for it.


Thank you everyone for your advice,I’ll monitor him and see how he is in a few days then will take him back to the gp x

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Sisi14 in reply to Fayew

Hope he gets better soon x

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