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Baby Kicking Low

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Hey Mummy's, I just turned 22 weeks today and feeling great. This is my first baby and I first felt her move at 17 weeks and I've felt her fluttering and swirling everyday since but it seems to always be very low, honesty it's like she laying on my crouch . It just seems she just laying in the same position every time. At my 20 weeks scan I was told that everything was normal with baby girl but she's a small baby, the midwife said that's normal as me and my hubby are also both quiet small and short. But could this be the reason?

Ive seen videos of ladies being able to see their baby's kick at this stage and desperate for hubby to feel her move too and just starting to wonder when she'll move up!

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Our boy sometimes kicks low. I'm 25+1 now and he kicks anywhere n everywhere! He was kicking lower down when I was around 22 weeks.

I've been advised by the girls at work to take a bath! (I do shower 😂!) They said their babies moved so much and you could see them moving in your belly when they had a bath. It may be a good way for your partner to feel her.

Wishing you all the best! Xx

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Thank you, running a bath as I type 🤣 Hopefully that'll get her moving. Wishing you the best with your baby Boy ❤️

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😂 there you go! Like fate 😂. Hopefully she'll move! Thanks hun xx

I’m 33 weeks and I still feel low movements like right next to my hip but now also all over the place but can’t remember when I started to feel her further up.

When I started to feel her move at 20 weeks she would stop when I told hubby she was moving 😂 he finally felt her move around 25 weeks xx

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Thank you,

25 weeks sounds like such a long way away I hope she doesn't take as long lol. I just want him to feel her as it feels like it's just me bonding with her ( if that makes any sense)

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I know exactly what you mean. Hubby was getting the right hump lol but now he feels her loads and listens to her hiccuping xx

Hi with both my pregnancies I hardly felt movement or kicks you could see my belly move a tiny bit but my sister especially when she was later in her pregnancy there was feet and hand sticking out. Everyone’s different.

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Thank you, I think I'm just a bit impatient lol. I guess I can wait a little longer xx

I’m 22 weeks, also expecting q any girl and that’s exactly what feel. Sometimes I even doubt it’s the baby. Can’t wait to feel baby moving more

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Hey there ,

That's exactly how I feel. Hopefully it'll come soon for the both of us. ❤️

Congrats on your baby girl 🌸

It's still early! Baby has lots of space to move in at this point but it will get tighter and you will start seeing baby later more like 30+ weeks. At 20 weeks your uterus just reaches to your belly button.

You feel the kicks depending on baby's position so doesn't matter where you feel them!

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