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Baby’s attachment towards dad

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My LO seems more attached to his dad. His dad does a lot for him but I do more than that. I not only feed him and put him to bed but also play with him for hours. He still prefers to be with his dad and grandad more than me. I never thought I would feel this way but I don’t like it and I am jealous.

My husband mostly works from home and I am currently on maternity so he gets to see us both on a regular basis. However, if my husband and I have been away from him for couple of hours and appear in front of him together, he prefers to go to his dad not me.

Does anyone else face this or is this a special case? My in laws are currently living with us. They are although quite helpful, but it hurts when they tell me that he prefers his dad and his grand dad over me.

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aw bless you, obvs he loves being with you aswell. Everyone bonds at different stages are you breastfeeding? Have plenty of skin to skin contact

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He doesn’t latch well so I am pumping not directly feeding from me anymore.?I tried skin to skin few times but it feels horrible that I am having to try so much when he is my son. I thought the bond would be automatic.

I'm pregnant with my first and already thinking he will prefer him more..all children take to him even my little cousins favour him...he'said a big kid himself

I thought that aswell some parents it is but everyone is different you need to make the to skin is the best foregards both of yous releaeses hormones that relax you and help you bond

how old is he? I'm having a boy too

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He is just over 6 months old now. Perhaps this will change once he starts talking or gets a bit more older but right now it feels horrible as I spend so much time with him playing, feeding, bathing, dressing etc... I must admit my husband is a big help but I am just saying that I am in front of him more than him or anybody else.

Where are you based? I am trying to look for some ‘mum’ friends nearby. As it’s relaxing to meet other people and hear their stories too.

Babies and their parents are individual.

No two attachment pattern are same in real life.

Remember babies best trusted adult is mother, naturally maternal attachment is special and always there.

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Could you supply medical evidence of that please otherwise it's a very predudeced and outmoded view. My children are most attached to main carer which is me in all my Y chromosone glory.

This happened to me, i was breastfeeding too but at 8 months baby started to prefer me to dad :) much to his bemusement !

Are you feeling like you have bonded with baby?

Keep your chin up. Baby loves you & will start showing more affection as he continues to develops.

May be helpful to read this :

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