Hi everyone, i have had two positive tests that say im between 2-3 weeks pregnant, but calculating from last period says im nearly 6 weeks pregnant. When should i speak with gp. Ive had three miscarriages previously which have been around week 6 so im feeling a little anxious. I was due to have IVF and my nurse appointment is in a week. Been waiting 9 years for IVF and my fear is if i have a miscarriage i will be told i have to wait a year. Finding it all very stressful. I know i need to let the clinic know, but when do i see the gp shall i wait a few weeks?

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I'd book in n see your gp when you can hun. We've had 2 miscarriages and asked if we could be scanned more regular but they said no because we haven't lost 3 babies so they may want to keep a closer eye on you.

As for the dates, They usually add 2 weeks on to the test. They go off the first day of your last period.

All the best xx

Thank you major2116, i will book an appointment today. I will also need to come clean with the IVF clinic.

Thank you.

I would hun. I know it's hard but you will have a gorgeous baby! I'm currently 19+1 and our boy is healthy, I never thought we'd get here.

Fingers crossed for you! X

Congratulations. Gives me hope thank you.

Thank you x

Hey,if you have used clearblue test and says 2-3 weeks that means 4-5 weeks pregnant. Just have a look on the liflet

Well if you due to have your ivf appointment in a week maybe wait for that and that to her about it. However you might want to talk to your GP to see if he can refer you for a early scan due to previous miscarriages

Thank you, i had to tell the clinic as i was having hormone tests on wednesday even if i had miscarriage it would shown up. The clinic have basically said they have to cancel all my nhs treatments. Keeping my fingers crossed its my time x

Then it's definitely worth speaking to your GP to see if you can get a scan before your 12 weeks. Alternatively you can get one privately, I think you can get one under £100.

You definitely can- mine was £89. A word of warning though- at this stage you won't see a heartbeat yet.

My friend had three miscarriages and was told to start taking aspirin as soon as she fell pregnant. All the best x

I think it has to be a specific dosage, not the regular OTC one.

Yes, ask your doctor, don't just start taking it, sorry I should have made that clear.

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