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Hello :)

I'm just coming up to 11 weeks pregnant and my normal clothes are getting a bit tight/uncomfortable. Before I was pregnant I lost quite a bit of weight but seem to have piled it back on in the last 6 weeks despite eating really healthily plus I'm quite bloated. I usually wear bootcut jeans and small fitted t-shirts (with like superheros on and stuff). But the last week I'm just really uncomfortable and I'm just wearing my bf sweats and t-shirts.

I decided to start looking at some maternity clothing; although I do think its a bit early?

Everything I find is hideous; do we get pregnant and suddenly want to wear stripes and floral? I'm really struggling to find any sites that have nice/classy but comfortable maternity wear, I found one nice dress from ChiChi, which will be lovely for over Christmas but thats it. I'm a 36 year old university student so I don't want to stand out too much in class lol.

Does anyone have any good places? sites? advice? I'm seriously considering making most of my own dresses at the moment :( but I need some decent Jeans and all the ones I find are skinny legs.

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It’s an absolute pain in the arse! I’m a fashion conscious 34 year old and I hate the frumpy options available on the high street. I tend to get my maternity stuf from ASOS and then get creative with oversized normal clothes like baggy jumpers and stretchy dresses. I’m a size 10/12 normally. I get my maternity leggings/tights from H&M as I’ve found these to be the best. I’m going to follow this post with interest to see if any good suggestions come up!

It’s a nightmare! I’ve never found clothes so hard to find. I bought mine at 17 weeks and I’m now 26 and need more.

At the moment I have only 3 maternity tops all from New Look (totally plain and boring 😔) and a pair of jeans from Debenhams in the sale. Don’t want to spend a fortune on clothes I’ll probably wear once. Still looking to see if I can find anymore decent stuff but not getting very far! X

I totally loved my maternity wardrobe- lots of comfortable clothes I found if which some I am still wearing 4 months post patrum. I bought few super comfy/classy stuff from Isabella Oliver & Seraphine (with breastfeeding openings- so discret) and then usual Mothercare, Jojo-Maman, and basics from H&M, Peacocks, Asda, Lidl/Aldi.

Good luck!

I've just ordered some maternity clothes from Asda and Dorothy Perkins. I've also been to Primark n bought bigger sized tops and some floaty tops. Yours also do some nice clothes but they're sizes 14-32. I've bought some nice tops and a dress from there in the next size up and they look lovely! X

Asda do some basics like joggers, maternity tights etc. Can’t say they are fashion forward but they are cheap and comfy. At 36 weeks this is my new area.

Maternity clothes are generally crap but you only need them for a short while.

I really like ASOS for fashionable stuff and verbaudet did a few nice bits too. The plain stuff I got more from new look and imo you can't beat Mothercare comfy!

eBay and h and m! X

Next outlet for bargain maternity and breastfeeding clothes.

Tesco online for swimwear

Charity shops

Freecycle giveaways

Mum2mum market (near you)

Button front tops for breastfeeding

Boob design for organic quality maternity and breastfeeding items (pricey though).

Youtube has useful videos from other mums. One mum had not bought one maternity item for her entire pregnancy other than an elastic tummy T-shirt extender. Lots of tips and advice you can find.

Good luck

I am in a similar situation! Clothes started getting uncomfortable a couple of weeks ago. I am now 13 weeks. My weight was within my normal range until about 1.5-2 weeks ago. I had terrible bloat but this went down and it now seems that I have a tiny bump forming and my weight is starting to go up a little. I have to undo my normal jeans and trousers when I’m in the house or change into joggers. I’ve just told everyone in work that I’m pregnant now so I am going to wear all the stretchy stuff I was avoiding as it emphasised my stomach! Lipsy do some lovely stretchy dresses that can be worn anytime including in the office - I’ll admit one of mine is stripy but it’s soooo comfy and looks on trend. I’ve always bought extra stretchy leggings too because I’ve always hated pressure on my stomach even before I was pregnant. I’m planning on going into some shops today like Primark and H&M to buy a load more stretchy stuff but I too am wondering what to do about jeans. I’m all about the skinnies and t-shirts on weekends! Xx

I'm now 24 weeks and haven't bought a tremendous amount of stuff. I started out with a Belly Band purchase which allows you to wear all your current trousers and skirts if the are zip and button fastening.

My 2nd load of purchases were about 8 tops the next size up as I struggled with some maternity wear as I'm Petite. Next do a variety of leg lengths in their maternity wear so I bought 2 pairs of jeans there.

I bought some maternity tops, pj bottoms, Tunic and dress from New Look. From Tesco, I purchased a tankini swim suit and from Lidl, a couple of pairs of leggings and a jumper dress. Also a couple of dresses from H&M.

My favourite so far has to be a winter coat from Next. It's black and on trend but has a removeable front section which can be zipped in or taken out and can therefore be worn throughout my pregnancy.

Like you, I found a lot of the clothes quite frumpy and flowery. I like wearing a lot of plain clothes but like layering them especially as it's getting colder.

I'm yet to purchase nursing bras and a nursing nightie or pjs but intend on doing that in the Jan sales.

My other option was EBay as I'm not wanting to spend s great deal of money as I'd rather spend it on the baby.

The Gap sells maternity jeans on their online store in a bunch of different styles. You don't want to spend a fortune, but a good, comfortable pair of jeans is probably a good investment. I'm early on with my first pregnancy, but that's the advice my sisters have given me.

Hi, Seraphine only sell maternity clothes and do really lovely stuff including straight cut jeans. I have bought a few things including shoes and it all arrives beautifully wrapped and is excellent quality. The site is Good luck xxx

Another vote for Seraphine, their stuff is a bit classier than anything I found on the high street. I still struggled with jeans though (but I always have so maybe I'm not representative!).

I agree, i’m 32 and luckily at 25 weeks pregnant i’m Only now having to buy maternity clothes, managed to get by with ‘belly belts’ on my normal jeans till now.

I got some work dresses from ASOS, still not quite as smart/trendy my usual styles, but definitely not as hideous as the stuff I have seen in the shops!

I went into H&m store yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to find decent/comfortable and non floral maternity clothes, as every single store on the highstreet ive been to i found dont stock them instore, and have been told to shop online by staff which really doesnt help. Im only 14 weeks but found my normal clothes were too tight from fairly early on. I highly recommend the over the bump leggings, so warm and comfortable.

I bought skinny maternity jeans from mothercare and straight/boyfriend style maternity jeans from Dorothy Perkins.

Tops mainly Dorothy Perkins.

Dresses from H&M.

I got my jeans/trousers in H&M and Red Herring in Debenhams, and was given a nice denim dress that I think is from Mothercare. I haven't had to buy new tops, I had a few empire line style ones already - you might just be able to buy tops in a bigger size that aren't specifically maternity

I've bought all mine on Ebay! I will only buy full price if its for an occassion, got some lovely bits from Asos, New Look ETC all on Ebay for cheap cheap cheap x x x

Thanks everyone. I've managed to get a nice dressy up dress from Chi Chi and I've found 1 pair of boot cut maternity jeans from Mothercare which I will be getting. I'm loving Isabella Oliver & Seraphine, definitely more my thing, a little pricey but my partner said he'd rather I was happy in what I was wearing. The hunt for Maternity clothes is definitely a distraction from writing my uni dissertation lol :D

Boohoo have some lovely maternity clothes :D

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