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What should i do

My last period was 24th August. Then i 24th of septmber i had a dizzy and nausea. Untill now i don't have my period and i have all the pregnancy symptoms. Sometimes I'm starving and sometimes can not eat at all,nausea ,dizziness,light headache,abdominal cramps,leg and back pain and bigger belly. I did several urine test and all came negative. My doctor said that I'm not pregnant at all. I did not take any blood test yet. What should i do

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Id ask for a blood test!

Good luck x

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Hi the only way you will know for sure is a blood test if that is by chance negative then it could be something a simple as a cyst. In January I had all the pregnancy symptoms too, no period, bloating, sore boobs, sick I was pretty sure I was not pregnant as my partner is supposedly infertile! For me it turned out I had a cyst so when I had all the symptoms again in June/July I thought nothing of it turned out that time I was pregnant (by some miracle) and should have worried!! Good luck I hope you get to the bottom of it and that it goes the way you want.

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