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Neg Test!

Hi hoping someone can shine some light! I am TTC and I'm 7 days late. I've taken 3 tests over the last 3 days which have all come back negative. I don't think I've got any symptoms other than the normal back ache and stomach cramping that I would get pre-period. I've had these for around a week now. I'm not under a lot of stress and it's very strange for my cycle to be more than 28 days? Has anyone experienced anything similar? I've read a few posts about neg results and then people finding out they are pregnant but don't want to get my hopes up!

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Could be a number of reasons for changes in cycle. Best thing to do would be pop along to the gp, they can do all tests including blood pregnancy test, swabs for infections etc to rule things out.

The tests you are using are they the cheaper ones? Regardless of which test, Check on the instructions to see how many days after your periods due they can be used.


Id speak to your GP.

I went three months with no period, went to my gp as all pregnancy tests came back neg. For a blood test to say i was pregnant.

Pregnancy tests can give a false negative, as if there isnt enough hcg hormone in your wee you wont get the second (positive) line.

Im now pregnant with my second and took nearly two weeks after my period was due to even get a faint line.


Hi there - still no sign of my period! I've given up hope really! But I'll give it another week and if there is still nothing I'll book an appointment! It's very rare for me to be late but would hate to get my hopes up for nothing! Thanks you for comment - it's good to know that negative tests aren't as rare as they are made out to be!


I've come on now! So no baby this month! Will keep trying!


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