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Faint Positive Tests

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Hello. Im very new to this I really don't know how to ask. I am 15 days late already today. I have taken 4 pregnancy tests & they all come out super faint & 2 Clearblue Digital tests & they come out not pregnant. . I am not sure if this is a result of a chemical pregnancy but I would like other moms or mom to bes opinions? I am going this Friday to get a blood test. I am not sure if you guys can see the lines but my SO & I do. Thank you in advance!

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Yep, I see them. I think you're pregnant. You can get false negatives but very rarely false positives. Best time to do a test is your first wee in the morning. Good luck x

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Hi can you tell me if you think the is positive

I would say the same. Faint line or not a positive is a positive.

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Hopefully God willing🙏🏼❤️

I am not saying they are not faint positives but I would be wary of these blue dye tests. I have thought I was pregnant in the past when using these and others have said the same. Try a pink dye one or try again in a few days. Good luck.

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Pink dye? Like the first response ones?

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I found the cheapies just as good! Just for your peace of mind as it has happened to me and I never used the blue ones after!

I can see the line on the top one.

I would say don't drink anything and use second morning pee as this will be more concentrated, then first morning pee (there will be less water in it)

It's good ur going to the drs to have a blood test done - that will give you a pretty clear answer.

It is possible that a chemical pregnancy or miscarriage will follow if your hcg levels (what a pregnancy test detects) isn't doubling every 24 - 48 hrs; but the only way to know this is repeated blood tests.

Wishing you the very best of luck, I have heard of lots of women who didn't get clear positives until 2 months pregnancy, so fingers crossed for u xx

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Thank you I hope so as well!

Clear blue often need a higher chemical level to get a good reading hope this helps

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That actually does! Thank you for the information:)

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I used a first response one worked fine day before my missed period but clear blue didn't pick it up for week after and told me I was 1-2 weeks when I was 6 weeks lmao

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Omg! Ill definitely get a different test then:)

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Yeah I would first response work well good luck and enjoy its an amazing feeling xxx

Hey did you say the digital ones said not positive? They tend to be more accurate. However as other people have said you are slightly more likely to get a false negative than a false positive (they only happen in the case of chemical miscarriages').

I definetly test again, perhaps do another digital one. Good luck with everything!

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Thank you!

I fell pregnant last year but no pregnancy test (tried clearblue and first response) came back positive. I even went to the doctors when I was about 4 weeks who told me I wasn't pregnant. It was only when I had bad abdominal pains and went to hospital that they confirmed I was 5 weeks pregnant. I would retest in a week or so and if you have no clear positive tests and still no period, go to your doctor xx

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Just re read your post and saw that you're going for a blood test so ignore that last part of my response😂 blood tests are more accurate than pregnancy tests so you should get a definite answer xx

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Lol its oky:) Thank u tho!

Any update ☺?

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Yes. The doctor told me to wait a week to re test again. He said my hcg level may be low. I showed him my hpt all of them were faint & he said that more than likely I am so he sent me to get a blood test it came back negative. He said to wait a week to re test the blood test.

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Ah that's positive at least! Good luck!

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Thank you! We are leaving everything in Gods hands🙏🏼💕

Good luck - i would defo try a digital one - ( i used the boots one and they were brilliant ) xxxx

Hi I got the same results on my clear blue today. I don’t know what it is. Did you find out what it was in blood test?

I feel bloated af 😫

I just got same result but I can feel something moving in my stomach and my navel feel like something is pulling it from inside..

hey kind of late but i am having the same issue what were your results ?

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If you have a look at her follow up posts her bloods tests came back negative.

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Oh okay thank you

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