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27 weeks, pain over the top of my bump

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I'm 27 weeks pregnant, first baby! My bump is becoming very sore around the top, I thought maybe growing pains but it's constant. Not only that but it's knocking me sick and I'm constantly left feeling nauseous. I've started to become dizzy more often than not and this might be completely unrelated but my ears are constantly popping! Has anyone else had this problem? I haven't had bloods taken since 13 weeks - feel like my midwives are neglecting me ha! Don't know whether I'm panicking or if it's normal

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If you feel the midwifes are neglecting you, might wanna take that up with them. They normally see you are set intervals (like outlined in the book) unless you tell them there's an issue.

Do you have a number you can call. Don't want to worry you but pain at top of your bump should never be ignored. They would want to check you straight away. Currently being monitored for high BP and symptoms you have described are what they constantly check for in case something more serious. It may be nothing and just a bug/growing pains but they really should check you with this.

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I have spoke with midwives and they've just said it's more than likely growing pains :/ but I keep going dizzy I can't walk very far without feeling like I'm going to collapse. I'm normally really fit and well which is what I don't understand :/ but I might have to have a trip to hospital this afternoon I don't think 14 weeks without any blood tests is right. Around the 20 week mark there was a few days where I would randomly go blind in one eye too and I've never had vision problems x

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Go to your doctor, not midwife immediately. It may be nothing, but the symptoms your describing including your intermittent loss of vision or blurry vision are not typical of pregnancy. You should see your OB/GYN that you've selected as backup in case of complications.

I would get checked out. It could be growing pains and normal but it could also be the signs of pre eclampsia which will need to be monitored. Good luck.

You should get checked out for pre-eclampsia right away. Symptoms include pain just below the ribs and problems with vision. Ring your maternity unit (number in your blue maternity folder) or failing that I guess your GP. nhs.uk/Conditions/pregnancy... for more info.

(I was at a hospital clinic yesterday, I'm higher risk as I'm older and had a restricted blood flow reading at my 20 week scan, so this has just been drummed into me!)

Hope you went to hospital hun. Hoping all is ok for you. They don't sound like normal symptoms and you should have had bloods before now definitely.

We have an antenatal day unit that can walk in to. Not sure if you have the same?

Thinking of you

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