Advice from those who have had early inductions


I am wondering if I can ask advice/ your experiences. I was told by Consultant yesterday that due to previously labour complications & large babies for my size, this little bun might be induced early- upto 14days depending.

Are inductions more painful? I know babies can be born early but is there anything I should know about aftercare for both me & bub? Will he be ok?

Positive & negective experiences welcome, as I've heard what consultant has to say :)

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Personally my induction with my first was less painful than my natural birth with my third. 14 days early is still 38 weeks so in the 'term' bracket, baby should be fine. You'll need constant monitoring during labour and might find it painful if you are given a drip. Everyone is different when it comes to pain and pain relief but it's worth baring in mind that epidurals etc can lead to the need for further interventions. Hope everything goes well x

Thanks MrsA, I've had natural no pain med birth after my first complicated birth. I'd like to think I'm good with pain but each is different & I'm not as young haha.

Consultant isn't ruling out csection, depending on growth of baby. Trying to avoid epidural though but if needs must x

I honestly found it a breeze compared to my others, although I did find being upright helped too as did going into it knowing the ins and outs, made me a lot less nervy. Big babies aren't fun x

had my baby last week, induced at 37 weeks wont lie it was painful especially after they put the drip but it was worth it. i have a healthy baby girl who sleeps all day. I'd say your baby should be just fine because at around 38 weeks it has matured enough to survive in the outside world.

Thanks gamem, I know babies are tough things but both my girls were big & had little extra padding :)

I'm 5" 4 & was induced with a pessary then had waters broken which really seemed to get it going. That induction was just like a normal labour & I had no extra pain relief except going in the bath during the early stages. I laboured mostly propped up on cushions over the top of the bed.

The baby after that was also induced but by drip & the contractions were a lot closer together and stronger all day, which was tiring. again real labour didn't get kick started until after they broke my waters but I did ask for pain relief closer to the end as it was a bit more intense & I was too tired to take anymore & had been forced to stay in one position & not able to walk about. But it was 10 years later when I was 37 & a different hospital.

I can honestly say don't worry about baby, both mine were fine little bruisers & neither induction seemed to have an effect in them, they were both pretty alert. Congratulations & I'm wishing you a quick & smooth birth. XxxX

PS. My last baby is 4months old now, he was a c section I can't testify as to whether or not he was effected by it as he is downs & didn't even open his eyes for the first couple of days. But if you can avoid the c section I would! Its four months on & I still can't lift anything too heavy or do too much housework in one go due to pain in the abdominal/scar area.

The worst bit was not being able to lift my 2 year old up for big hugs. But on a whole its not too bad, just quicker to get back on your feet after a v birth than a c section. GL xxx

Thank you for your replies xx knowledge is a step ahead.

Oh bless you, defo can't afford to be out of action long

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