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Hi everyone im New to the group and need some advise

hi everyone im New to the group.

My First day of my last period was on 21 march and the 7 day last day of my period was on the 27 march. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 april. I came on my period on the 13april. I usually im always regular with my periods and on time. But few months ago i noticed my period cycles that used to be 4 weeks have been 3 weeks i mentioned it to my gp last year she said it could be due to my hormones? Basically im on my period again only 23 days since my last period is this normal? Im asking because i had a abortion over 3 years ago and yes i had unprotected sex then it was not with a stable partner and it was unplaned and back then in 2014

I remember I came on twice in one month and after having unprotected sex in a space of 3 days consequetly i did a pregnancy test and later had a test at my gp and she Confirmed i was pregnant then.

But at the time the guy i was seeing wasnt supportive and i didn't want to raise a child on my own i had to go through the heart breaking decission of having a abortion in the hospital. This New guy i meet seemed nice he asked me out to be his girl friend but since i slept with him after i came back to my town he doesnt return my Call just facebook me a thumb up to my messages i told him i was worried about him why no return of my calls it was not nice. I cant see myself going through having a abortion again however I dont know if i am pregnant maybe i am not? Its too early to say. But i need guidance advise what to do? When to test myself or get the gp nurse to test me and when best? Im 40 years old i would Love a child but im upset about how my boyfriend has treated me ignoring me, I know he work busy late shift at take away but before meeting me and before sleeping with me he always replied to my messages answer my calls. he doesnt know about my period situation and who know maybe pregnant maybe i am not? we had unprotected intetcourse but he came outside of me but near on the outside of my vagina but who knows if his sperm did or didn't get inside me? If i am or will be pregnant i need to let him know i am not sure how he will take the news. He sincerly seemed nice guy his 34 but i am 40 going on 41 this month and naturally my body is younger than my actual age doctors told my mum when i was younger it was a test i had done as i was late reach puberty.

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Hi! Your sotuation sounds somewhat familiar to me (men being a bit assholes: all sweet and communicative at first but once got sex they are busy etc... but who knows- maybe he has some good reasons) One thing I did not understood : you say you have period on 13th April (yesterday?) if so then probably you're not pregnant. Some Pregnancy tests state that you can do them up to 5 days before period however, more precise would be after missed period or 3 weeks after unprotected sex.

I hope that everything will turn out to be fine! Try no to worry too much, however, keep your self safe and next time use condoms as you sound like you don't know each other much (and history of his potential STI), both are not committed and not planing for the pregnancy.

All best,x

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Thank you for replying to my message. I know i am clean but after my period finishes i will go to the gum clinic walk in centre to get checked out make sure not got anything

I feel ok and hoping this me being on my period as of the 13 april so its that second period that people mistake as a period when its body shedding blood preparing for a pregnancy. I dont feel sick or anything and i will wait till my period over with usually i bleed for 7 days so 19 april should be day 7 or last day of my period. I will phone my gp and ask when best to get check out for any std or chylmidia? I feel ok. Yes i totally agree in future i should use protection and not think of oh its going to be uncomfortable. I have to take responsibilities of my actions. Im so angry with myself thinking this guy really like me all he did was ask me out so he could sleep with me!! 😡 but will put this as a lesson learnt hard way and be very cautious and careful in future. Thank you for taking the time to read my messages here and for your advise.

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ur body and hormones and cycle could be changing because ur getting older. If u do a pregnancy test a couple of weeks after ur last unprotected sex the results should be fairly accurate


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