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Increased amniotic fluid

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I am 36+2 weeks. Just had a scan that has flagged I have increased amniotic fluid. Anyone had this? Obviously worried as to why and what this means!

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I would assume they will be scanning you again to check the levels? I had low fluid last pregnancy on one scan, but it settled by the next scan I had and it was nothing. So it could be nothing but sometimes it can be related to baby's development. I would just make sure at the next scan if things haven't resolved to ask if you will reviewed by a doctor and make sure you ask questions if you don't understand what's going on.

I saw the doctor. They booked me in for another scan in 2-3weeks (when I'll be 39 weeks) and said will prob give me a sweep then. Doesnt help the worry when you have to wait 2-3weeks(and when u google it!!)

Google is evil ... it will give every possibility under the sun, even the most remote unheard of things. If they're not scanning you until 2-3 times then they're probably not particularly worried about baby's development. The scan report should say if they though baby's organs looked normal. Did they not explain causes for the increased liquor?

They didnt really, apart from saying that its a big baby....and that they wee more!!!! Wish I'd probed more into reasons why this has happened but they seemed more concerned that it may bring on early labour so told me to watch out for waters breaking early/contractions. Dont want to panic but hate it when you are not put as ease as its not explained properly!

I h a d this when I was 36 weeks I measure 39 weeks they said I had increased fluid which meant there could be something wrong with baby peeing and that I had a massive baby measuring almost 11 lbs, turns out I just carried more water, they told me levels were fine but when babu girl came out they broke my waters, then she arrived followed by the rest of the waters lmak she was 7 lbs 2 when born, take it with a pinch of salt and don't worry about it I had a puddle of water that was 6cm deep at one part if baby they were really worried, baby girl is fine fit and healthy :) hope this helps you xx

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Thank you. That has made me feel a lot better! x

No worries it's more just a precaution to make sure baby is swallowing and peeing properly and can be resolved easily after birth I was also told I had placenta issues with too much blood flow but they werent too worried and carried her till 40 plus 6 with a 56 hour labour haha, so it's nothing to worry about hope all goes well and if you need nay advice on labour etc or anything let me know I found it to be a lot different to what people said it would be x

I don't want to alarm you, as it may be nothing, but in my case, it was a sign of a very minor defect. Firstly, my baby wasn't big as the sonographers had suggested. It would appear the water amplified his size apparently (said would be 9lb+ but just 6lb). After he was born, he didn't latch on. I then noticed milk coming out of his nose when he would feed and he made a clicking noise when sucking. These concerns were dismissed by Drs, but a month later, he seemed quite poorly and I took him to A&E, he was diagnosed with a cleft palate. I was later told that the high amniotic fluid is connected with cleft palate. I am sure your baby will be just fine, but it's important to keep an eye and get baby checked throughly after born. Xxxu

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