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Pelvic pain

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I had my baby 10 weeks ago. While pregnant, I had SPD. I have started to get the pain again. It completely cleared after I gave birth. Has this happened anyone else?

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I did when I was doing a lot of walking or when I did the odd run. It did start to disappear after a while but now I am pregnant again and have it back lol.


I had my baby about 8months ago and still suffer from SPD on and off. I had it really bad during my pregnancy and it came back about 4 weeks after giving birth, when I spoke to the doctor they said it's more then likely because your using new muscles picking up, holding and playing with your baby. I have found losing some weight has helped a little but I still have a fair bit to lose. X

Thanks LynLoo. I had it during my whole pregnancy too but it disappeared after labour. I have a bit of weight to lose too but haven't been able to exercise because I had a c-section. I was just about ready to get back into it when this pain came back :-(

I suggest that you start drinking red raspberry tea it is an essential tool use to promote muscle tone. Bear are many books available that you can purchase on the subject. Hope you begin to feel better. Thank you!

You need to start drinking red Rasberry tea. It is essential natural source which aides in toning the female body. Google it's benefits so that you understand why you should use it." Oh so it would not hurt to elevate your feet while you are in a restful state. This improves the circulation in the uterus which is always a good thing. Good lunch!


Adrienne 112 ;:)

Thanks Adrienne. I haven't heard of that tea before. I will definitely get some and put my feet up 😊

So happy that I could help you. Please let me know how you are doing. I now understand why Go's allows us to experience certain life events. Being able to help you makes it all worth while . I encourage you to read up on the subject of the benefits of using red raspberry tea for female sex organ Healthcare. It is very amazing! And what makes it better is it is natural , a woman's gift from God. My personal email address is

God Bless!!!


Adrienne 112 ;:)

Hi, I'm a mum of three. First diagnosed with spd 11 years ago. My youngest is 5 the pains didn't stop after pregnancy. I remember visiting the dr last year thinking something was seriously wrong with me. The dr explained I had SPD I told him I thought it was only during pregnancy I would suffer with it. However he told me that I have it forever.

Hello! Sorry to hear that you are diagnosed two separate with SPD forever! I would advise you to seek an herbalist in your community. Natural remedies can work wonders for you! Do not accept that is your final diagnosis. Remember God is in control! I would begin by reading books concerning natural herbal remedies for Women's Healthcare. You might even want to consider exploring acupuncture. Deep tissue massage on the bottom of the feet can also help address issues concerning various parts of the body. Soak your feet and a nice pedicure bowl, and ask your hubby to massage the bottoms of your feet regularly because all of the nerves connected to every essential organ and nerve in the body is located in the foot and in Chinese medicine the ears

Hope this will help this will help You!

Ps ...also explore herbal detox.


Adrienne 112 ;:)

Hi Jule,

SPD is really common I think its something like 54 % get it, but oftren goes away aftre the birth, bus as you know not always sometimes it can be worse and can come with other symptoms. Im a clinical massage therpaist doing reaserch in this area, if you woud'nt mind getting in touch at

if your stiff suffering pain I may be able to guide you to treat your self. If your not in pain anymore, I would be very greatfull if you would answer a few questions for me please.

warm wishes


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