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Pregnant again!

Hello guys hope you all good!

I'm 22 years old this is my 3rd pregnancy!!!!

My first pregnancy I had an surgical abortion....which didn't go as planned and I had some tissue left in me. It was a horrible experience.

My second pregnancy I had an ectopic pregnancy on the left side. Had my tube removed and I was told also my overy has been removed.

Now I'm pregnant again! But I want to have an abortion I'm really scared...and also during the scan the doctor saw something on my left she said that they might not removed all my overy and I have a cyst on it or it's heterotrophic pregnancy.

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I'm not anti abortion but perhaps I'm being judgmental because you have had TWO unwanted pregnancies. Please learn to use contraceptives correctly. If you are super fertile then perhaps you should use 2 forms, e.g condoms and the pill. If you don't want this pregnancy then you will have to abort. Good luck in whatever you decide.


Have you considered adoption or surrogacy? Lots of people in this world wanting nothing more then a child to love and cherish and they can't do it alone and need some help.

What ever you decide, afterwards you need to arrange a more reliable form of contraception - maybe the implant? Besides making unwanted babies an ectopic pregnancy can actually kill you. You have experience in how things can go wrong you need to start learning from your past.


I'm sorry and don't want to seem offensive but you should consider having a more reliable form of contraception if you are really not wanting a child that badly that you would have multiple abortions. The coil last 8-10 years and only takes a quick 10 minute appointment to get fitted and once its there you can forget about it you can even get a non hormonal coil. You are risking your health through abortion and doesn't sound like you have had all that great an experience with it!

If it is a cyst on your ovary then it can be removed and i wouldn't be too worried about it but i would just say have a conversation about it with a family member or friend that you trust!

Good luck with whatever it is that you decide to do but please please don't use abortion as a form of contraception, I understand that many people make their own choices about abortion and it is every womans right to decide what they do with their body and i think its a choice women should have but you are only 22 and you might risk your health or fertility and that will be something you will regret later on in your life!


At the risk of sounding nasty, there are so many women out there dying for a child and unfortunately can't conceive. Why not turn this bad situation into a good one and consider adoption to those who want a family and a child?!

You need to consider the effect all of this has on your body, and your chances of conceiving when you are ready to start a family. However a child is not an easy decision and if your not ready don't do it as you'll only ruin two lives... yourself and an innocent child.

Take your time in coming to a decision and don't feel pressured or rushed by anyone else as ultimately you have to live with what you choose for the rest of your life! Once you have come to a decision that suits you, your needs I do think you need to address the issue of why you keep falling pregnant when it's mit what you want. Contraception is widely available these days, and at 22 you are not a child, you need to take responsibility for your actions! Condoms are free from GP and drop in clinics, and so is the pill, implant, coil etc.. without judging or sounding harsh, you shouldn't even be contemplating sex if your not mature enough to deal with the consequences of the actions.

Yes, mistakes can happen... but repeatidly? You are meant to learn from them. At the end of the day, it's more than just been pregnant, it's a baby, a little human (I'm not anti-abortion for the record) I hope you come to the right decision and wish you the best of luck!


(Sorry once again if anyone thinks this was harsh, it's wasn't meant to cause harm or upset)


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