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Hello! I'm new to my area and have also found out I am pregnant for the first time. 5 weeks. I visited the GP yesterday and was bit disappointed with the advice given. She said I should wait another month before I book another appointment, they will then arrange a scan etc. I'm a bit clueless at the moment, I don't want to ask friends and family for advice until I'm sure everything is ok. What's the normal procedure? Should I be prebooking a scan and antenatal classes now? Thanks!

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  • What happened to me (south west england) was when I found out at 4 weeks phoned my normal gp surgery they put this pack thing together, with a big book of questions about your medical history ect, on that there was a first contact number this was for a appioment at local hospital at 9-10 weeks, after this a letter can in post with a date on it for my 12 week scan, after u have had this I made a appointment with the midwife at local gp surgery to see her when I was 16 weeks, then u get your second scan at 18-21 weeks, then it's normally just midwife appioments after that at 25,28,31,34,36,38,40 weeks. As for antenatal class mine was all day and you need to book before 28 weeks, I did this after I have my 20 week scan and all was fine! Did gp give you a pack or contact numbers? Sorry if message doesn't make sense, trying to cram lots of info in! Xx

  • Thanks so much, this is really helpful. I got nothing. Just told to maintain good health and book another appointment in 4 weeks. I'm going to contact the GP again. Thank you! Good luck with your pregnancy xx

  • I am a bit jealous when I hear women saying that antenatal class was all day or 3 hours for 3 days. Mine will last 2h and that includes the visit of maternity unit to see birthing rooms etc...

    I saw a class I can book for all day (lunch and afternoon tea+ cakes included) cost £95 or private one-to-one lecture for 3hours costing £75 (thinking to book this one if those 2h will not give me any clarity). then again- I think I am quite positive, and optimistic about my own instincts and abilities that I probably will be just fine with those 2 hours.

    Rebecca - on scale 1-100% how useful the class seamed to you? Thanks,x

  • Too be honest I am pleased I went but I did find that I knew 90% of what they were saying as for the past 6 months I have googled everything I wanted to know, I have also read everything on the nhs website about pregnancy, as well as several books. In my class they only really talked about the importance of skin to skin contact, breastfeeding, stages of labour and pain relief, a few other things were briefly touched upon. I was expecting info on mothers body/bleeding/stitches after the birth, newborn care, SIDS and how to prevent, none of this was covered. However was free and my partner had a day off work so was not really a waste, however if I had paid I would if been extremely disappointed, the class was about 16 pregnant women and thier partners so was rammed, didn't get a chance to make friends or anything. However I did take a couple of things from the class- I didn't realise how many people will be in the room should I need a c-section and never having any contact with a newborn didn't realise they need that clip on the cord, and I did learn about breathing (which hopefully I won't forget during labour). my partner took more from the class than me yet he isn't on Google 4 hours a day lol. If u have the money lying around or just sat in the bank maybe u should pay, but if it means struggling through the month maybe u shouldn't. It's rubbish that a 2 hour session is all ur entitled too, and that is to include a tour of maternity unit, I had this separate and still took over a hour. I think I am very lucky were I live they do physio, beastfeeding classes and so much more. Hope this helps I have been very honest about my day of antenatal, I know that loads of people on here think it's the best thing they done through thier pregnancies, so don't let my experience put u off or anything. Xx

  • Thanks for your long reply in details (I like to read ;) I think I might be similar to you:reading books and online stuff (if someone would look at my YouTube video history then they would think I am crazy but I like watching other ladies getting into labour and giving birth!) So I assume that I probably won't gain too much from those 2h (or 10h lectures) except I'll get familiar to the hospital where I'll give birth (which is great!) also I have been working in childcare sector for 9 years and being with other people's children often felt so natural that with my own child it probably will be very easy and probably less worrying as well as I'll be the boss!

    I so much enjoy this pregnancy that I can't believe that soon it will be over ☹️ (I wish this stage of 4-6 months could last few more months - when you're not too big yet, not yet uncomfortable: I am just in general so happy, calm and positive right now. I can't remember when I have laughed so much as I do these days (think my baby thinks I am a nutter already) 😂

  • My YouTube history is the same, I am 1 of those people who want to know exactly what's going to happen so there are no surprises. I am pleased pregnancy is not longer not because I dislike being pregnant only because it seems like it's dragging on I cant wait just want baby in arms! 4 weeks exactly today, well if baby Is part of the 5% born on due date! Xx

  • Hi just wanted to say Congratulations!! I'm from County Durham, 1st pregnancy also, I know everywhere seems to have their own way of doing things, I rang my GP at 4 weeks, got midwife booking app at GP surgery for 8weeks. This was lots of history & health questions, bloods, weight/height ect (about 40 min). She asked where I would like to give birth and gave me options, wasn't sure so said I would need to do a bit research which was fine. She rang my local maternity centre and booked in my 12week dating scan where I will get my notes. I need to then book another midwife app for 16weeks & she will book my 20week scan and then go from there...

    You could ring your local maternity unit and ask the midwifes there if you feel there's not enough info on what will happen x

  • Thanks lucky 17! I just rang my GP, they apologised and booked me in for the next appointment! Best of luck to you xx

  • I was quite late with mine, as I have had previous miscarriages and wanted to wait until after 12 weeks. I also got a private scan at 10 weeks to make sure all was ok. I just phoned the Gp surgery and they said to collect a pack. I collected one then phoned the community midwives and they booked me in to see a midwife. With my previous pregnancies I just went the gp and they referred me.

  • Congratulations! I think our surgery do things a bit differently. We go for an appointment when we find out that we are pregnant. They give us our booklet then refer us to the midwife. We then get a letter through for our booking appointment for at 8 to 10 weeks and also our scan for 12 weeks!

  • I've found my GP surgery very unhelpful. I was told not to make an appointment until I had missed two periods (9 weeks) and as expected they couldn't give me an appointment for 2 weeks. The appointment is today and I will be 11 weeks tomorrow! Consequently I decided to book a private scan for next week as I was fairly sure it would take longer than a week to get scans/midwives appointments booked after today. Interestingly, the NHS website states you should be seeking an appointment as soon as you find out, which we did tell our surgery, but they told us it wasn't their policy. I could have done with some professional support as I've been suffering quite badly with morning sickness since about 5/6 weeks.

  • My Gp surgery is awful too think that's pretty much standard for all of them now! You can ring up the community midwives team at your local hospital. Ask your gp for the number. They are usually a lot more helpful x

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