Hi, please put my mind at ease

I am due in September 17 with my second baby. I had scans done at epu due to cramps and spotting. Luckily everything is fine and baby has a strong heartbeat.

In my 8 weeks scan report is says amniotic sac is present and in 10 weeks scan it says amniotic sac is absent.

I asked the sonographer about it and she said I am panicking for nothing but I callled midwife and no help.

I googled it but not much info.

Did someone experience the same ever?

Thank you

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  • Hi, I think the sac does go at a particular point and the placenta takes over with just amniotic fluid around. Could it be that this has happened and that's alls it means? I had a scan at 10 weeks and there was no sac then. I am sure if scans say everything is fine then it will be because they examine everything during those scans including the amount of amniotic fluid ect.

  • Sorry my last reply is totally wrong it just expands with the baby. It may just be that it wasn't that visible on the scan as it was imbedded out of view. It certainly would be there if there is a viable baby with heart beat inside x

  • Thank you so much for replyinh Katiekatie, I hope what you said is right. Yes there was a viable pregnancy with heartbeat and I saw the baby moving too which was a relief. But wasn't explained that why the report days absent amniotic sac and been worried since then.

  • Don't worry if you saw the heartbeat and the baby moving then it will all be fine. I saw my son at 9 weeks at the EPU he was like a raving jelly baby haha x

  • Hi Katiekatie, I had a better sleep last night your comment helped me a lot. Thank you 😘😘

  • No problem. Us ladies do worry lots 😉

  • The sac expands with the baby ull be okay :)

  • Thank you Marilyn x

  • U are welcome :) I hope that helps

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