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PMS / Moodswings / Breastfeeding


Hello, I've got monthly mood swings due to PMS. I'm currently breastfeeding. I've already tried the mini pill to even these out which only worked for a while. I've now been prescribed a high dose of vitamin b6. However I've read online that vit b6 is used to dry up milk supply. Now I'm not sure I can take that. What else can help?

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Hi, have they done a blood test on you? Checked your hormone levels? It's just thyroid hormones and others can become out of whack after pregnancy. There is a supplement I took for a while called magnesium OK and they sell it on Amazon and other sites. It helps regulate your hormones. I wouldn't think a low dose of b6 would do much but the doctor should be sure you are deficient in this before prescribing it. I later found out I was hypothyroid but the magnesium OK helped me for a while.

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Thanks katiekatie, I took magnesium before and thought it was great for stress relief. I will have a look into it. Blood tests were done a while ago but I don't know which hormones were tested.

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If you ever get more bloods done you can request a printed copy of the results with ranges for your own records. You can request the ones already done as its your legal right to see them. Quite often they tell you things are normal even if your levels are at the very bottom of the range. Each one of us is different some people can have symptoms early on if something is low.

I'd go back and make sure your GP is fully aware that you are breastfeeding but I suspect that if there is no problem with your supply and baby is feeding regularly then your milk will continue as long as you do. The remedies for drying up supply usually coincide with stopping feeding abruptly and having supply to deal with.

It may just be post baby blues .

They will go away.

Right now your hormones are all over the place .

This gets better

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