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Urine pregnancy lab test 1st one positive 2nd negative?

Okay so I just got a call from the doctors office to tell me my urine test came back from the lab and was positive so I went to pick up the paper when I get there they tell me the positive one was taken the 28th of October then there was one done on the 9th of November but that was negative and did a dip stick right then but also negative what is going on what one is accurate what should I do I'm freaking out

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I'm sorry but it sounds like maybe an early miscarriage? Or the results could be wrong yoy could have given a stronger concentration of urine the first time round. Get yourself a clear blue digital they are pretty good for giving yes or no answers but might be worth getting a blood test?


Oh I'm

Sorry for u,go for blood test that will give u the correct result ok dnt get upset .


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