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Husband and I have decided to plan our family. My BMI is over 40. Seeking help and advice! :)

Hi everyone, I'm new here. I'm browsing the internet for family planning advice as my husband and I have decided to begin trying for our first baby. Today I booked an appointment to have my contraceptive implant removed. I have gathered all the info I need to know about how best to go about accurately trying to conceive after having the implant removed; and now I'm moving onto my next biggest concern - my weight - so I have also joined the Weight Loss NHS HealthUnlocked community.

I just want to know if there is anyone out there with experience of preconceptive care involving losing weight for pregnancy. Can anyone share any advice for what it's like to be overweight and pregnant? I'd love it if I could reach out and get in touch with a lady who is either pregnant, trying to become pregnant or who has been through pregnancy whilst overweight.

I recently rapidly lost a lot of weight due to being poorly but have since put some of it back on. I find losing weight rather easy but I find keeping to a healthy diet and routine difficult and so put weight back on easily. Any recommendations, advice or shared stories would be hugely welcomed. :)

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I've always struggled with me weight being a bmi of 32 when I got pregnant ... a month after I gave birth (so no excuse of baby actually weight placenta etc) my bmi was 39! I was mortified. I was lucky in that I didn't get diabetes durIn pregnancy which is a real concern, as well with increased risk of thrombosis and all sorts of other complications, no mentioning the decreased fertility. I joined a slimming group helps giving support in my case. Also I felt I needed to make a change.

At bmi of 39 I could barely go up the stairs. I want to be around to enjoy time with my child and play with her and run around! My bmi is now 29, and despite still being overweight I feel so much the better for it. My weight loss has been slow... I lost around 4.5 stones since February but I have kept it off. I think you need to consider a life long change rather than a diet.

Hope that helps somewhat!

Also on a side note if your obese you need to take a higher dose of folic acid, so have a chat with your doctor.


Yeah a life long change is definitely what I need! Thinking about what it will be like to be overweight and a Mum rather than overweight and pregnant is a really good way to approach it. Thank you for that. And thanks for the heads up on the folic acid will definitely speak to my GP about that.



I have heard good things about the 5:2 diet for maintainable weight loss - there is an excellent FB page. I would hasten to add that this isn't suitable whilst pregnant but I have read success stories of those who have conceived whilst doing the 5:2.

Good luck.


Will look into this, thanks :)


Go to your doctor and ask to be referred to slimming world and tell him why! I weighted 18 stone and lost 2 stone before getting pregnant so my bmi now hovers at 30.8 I have lost more weight during my pregnancy which my midwife is happy with. I do have gestational diabetes as a result of my bmi and family history but it's diet controlled so no drugs for me. All in all tho I wud say try and lose weight whilst trying to conceive in a healthy way because it will help u in the long run. I love full fat Coke but I have swapped to diet I eat low fat everything and cook most meals from scratch slow cookers are amazing if u have no time. I have my fingers crossed for you :)


You need to make exercise a part of your life, thinking of joining a gym or going to a class every week just isn't a realistic way of living healthily, cycling is a fantastic way of keeping fit and you can put this into practice everyday without interrupting your usual activities (I actually got to work quicker on a bike but a trip to the supermarket or shop to pick up those few items you might normally drive for all adds up to great exercise everyday without having to think of it as extra curricular activity). Cycling isn't for everyone so take up walking every lunch break, that's at least half an hour walking and will make a massive difference to you and is also great for your happiness and well-being. Or you could make your social interactions more active, meeting up with family could be done at the swimming pool or on a walk somewhere scenic.

Good luck with your pregnancy but definitely think of goals as a mother rather than just pregnancy, you want to enjoy your time with them and being a new mom is difficult as it is without added health problems. You're a spring chicken still so don't stress, pace yourself and enjoy the journey :-)

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I know this is an old-ish thread, so hopefully you're on your way with things now anyway, but if you're looking to change your lifestyle as well as just drop pounds the NHS couch to 5k running programme is fab and will get you in the habit of regular cardio exercise. There's a great, lively community for it on health unlocked too.

And I hope all's going brilliantly for you x


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