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new here! 30 weeks and constant headaches!!

Hi everyone...

Im 30+1, had a growth scan yesterday and all is fine - fluid was a little lower than it has been but no one was concerned.

Anyway, for the last few days, i keep getting a really dull ache down my spine and in my neck and the most outrageous headaches right in my eyes!! Just wandering if anyone had any suggestions?? Im drinking loads, especially water and taking paracetamol when its really bad... not getting a huge amount of sleep due to SPD, and running around after a 5yr old and 2yr old is starting to suck the life out of me!

Thanks in advance!

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I'm 29 weeks and I get headaches but it's not really a change for me as I am a chronic headache sufferer along with migraines. However I've been told to report any changes. Have they checked your blood pressure lately? It sounds like a tension headache where you mention a dull ache down spine and neck but I think you should ring the midwife for a quick a chat.

Also if the paracetamol alone isn't helping with your SPD your doctor can prescribe stronger pain relief which is safe.


Hiya. Thanks for repying!

They checked my blood pressure on Monday which they said was fine, and the attitude towards the headaches was that it's just part of being pregnant. I had SpD with my first son, but with my last son I was fine... he was born with a rare skull condition so I've requestion a c section at 37 weeks which they have agreed to... the most frustrating this is, that I want to enjoy this pregnancy as it's my last but I feel so crappy all the time!

Might give the midwife a call this morning and see if I can get any other advice. Thank you xx


Yes sadly headaches can just be a part of pregnancy. It's good that your blood pressure was fine. I take co codamol for my unstable hip and have been really struggling with the pain these last few days the doctors have said I can have higher strengths opiates if needed (I have pre existing medical conditions so I am being carefully monitored because I take high strength opiates but there are lower strength options that may give you a bit of relief), but I am trying more physio first and find sitting on a gym ball such a relief. could be worth speaking with your GP to see if they can prescribe you anything else. If you can find five minutes alone, breathing exercises and meditation might help to relieve the tension, or a nice neck and shoulder rub from the other half.


Have you experienced any issues with vision? had high blood pressure? Severe headaches can be associated with preeclampsia which normally starts to show signs at around 30 to 34 weeks. Keep an eye on your headaches if you do get blurry vision or anything mention it to midwife when you can. Normally it's nothing to worry about as headaches in oregnancy are common but I've have preeclampsia twice and both times started with an immense pressure in my head and headaches. Try paracetamol when you can and if they dont touch the pain at all go back to the midwife. Hope this helps and the headaches ease for you.


Thank you - never had any problems with high blood pressure. The headaches are constant though... i go light headed and dizzy a fair amount but there was no concern for my blood pressure on monday when they took it at the hospital... its just making me feel so rubbish all the time!

ill google pre eclampsia as i have no idea what it is and make sure i know the signs. thanks so much xx


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