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Am I pregnant or going crazy!?!?

I'm a 44 year old mother of 3,been pregnant 4times.Lost my first at 26 weeks.Ive had 4 negative urine tests and my blood test came back marginally elevated.Ive had movement and"kicking"sensations for about a month or two... I can see my abdomen " jumping" . I have been told everything from possible hernia to ovulation,IBS,etc.I don't know what to believe at this point.Ive read about women having negative blood and urine test results till they deliver... I am scheduled for an intravaginal ultrasound on Sept 28th this year..2016.I am trying to keep my opinion neutral. I will post my results ASAP and keep everyone on this forum informed.If I am pregnant,then it would prove that you can be pregnant and still have negative results.Thank you and good luck to all of you ladies😊

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Which month is going on of urs ?plz must reply about ur post because my 4th week started and I got blood and urine both negative but still no periods plz inform me what happened with u ? Good luck


Wow that would be strange


Hernias can make your abdomen "jump" but they are in very specific area and the jump is reproducible when cough/straining, and you can also feel it. It would be interesting to know the result as if you are feeling kicks you'd be minimum 12/14 weeks when starting and really a test should be positive (more than just marginally). However on another note ...

This week I could swear I felt kicking in my tummy however it seemed to be related to bowel issues rather than anything else, so ibs can indeed cause such feelings

Keep us posted thanks!


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