hi. I'm 28 years old with a 6 year old son. He's my only son and even though he looks just like his dad he is all mommy with attitude and all. I found out almost 4 months ago that I am pregnant and now I am 5 months pregnant with a little boy. I'm so worried my son is going to be jealous of his little brother. Any tips on how to prevent this from happening?? I'm trying to keep him involved and he seems excited now but will that change once the baby is actually here??

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aww congrats :) he might surprise you and be a very protective big brother :) at least he is not like 2 or something and can understand - one of my 2 year olds was jealous and would scratch the poor wee baby's face when I wasn't looking, the little ratbag! It would be good to prepare him a bit and get him to think about how he will be a proud big brother and a very important helper for mum :) maybe some appropriate books from the library would help? glad he is excited - if they are included in stuff they are usually fine like making a bit of a fuss of him too and not just the baby when bubs is born lol (I mean others too not you lol I'm sure you would anyway :) ) remind him he will get to do other special things with mum bcos he is a big boy :) hopefully he has grandparents to help give him some attention sometimes when you are busy with baby? hope it helps - don't stress about it :) congrats again and enjoy you lovely boys :)


Sibling rivalry is inevitable but doesn't happen right away. Prepare him for the arrival of his little brother and get him excited about being the big grown up boy. Remember a lot of the time he will be at school and he's old enough to understand that a baby will need a lot of looking after. Make him responsible for small things. Getting wipes and nappies and I'm sure they will get on great.


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