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Ovulation test help


I'm pretty convinced this is a negative ovulation test but my question is based on the fact that it is a strong negative. Shall I try again this evening to see if it's a positive?

Last month, I had a result similar to this, tried again the same time next day and got the same result. Maybe I missed the LH surge and it occurred some time during the two tests.

This is CD19 and am trying to get pregnant again after a miscarriage in December last year. I need to work out when to go for hormone tests to establish ovulation has definitely occurred before beginning fertility treatment.

I would appreciate a little advice if anyone has any?

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Also ttc here, just finished BF 15 months. The test side needs to be a stronger colour than the control side. Try again tomorrow maybe and check again, may be you are ovulating later than you thought, good luck

Thanks for the advice- I did a second test ten hours later and the result was stronger so I think I'm sorted now. Thanks

That looks nearly positive, so I'd expect to see a positive the next day.

You said last month you didn't get a positive? Did you stop testing after 2 days of nearly positive? Sometimes your body gears up to ov then changes its mind and you'll get a 2nd surge a few days later.

How long are your cycles normally? Xx

Thanks Leamice- Last month I got 2 similar results to the photo I posted for tests that were done 24 hrs apart. My post (probably not the best phrased) was asking whether I'd missed something in the intervening 24hrs; the internet tells me that this is possible but who knows?

Anyway I did another at midnight last night and got a stronger response so I'm going to take it as a positive and book my 'Day 21' bloods for 'Day 27'.

Before the miscarriage my cycles were 35 days long (consistent with ovulation on Day 21) but I didn't have a period for 2 months after that and then (for 2 months) ovulation tests were coming back strong but negative (as above) on Day 17; I must admit I stopped testing after that so maybe what you've described above was happening.

Given the gap caused by the miscarriage, I've only had three 'goes' at getting pregnant again; this is my fourth, so I'm not sure I could be described as having problems with conception yet. I think it looks like my body has returned to 'normal' (whatever that means) but I just want objective confirmation that I am ovulating and there's nothing further that needs investigating.

I find the whole process really frustrating and whilst I started buying ovulation tests to make things more simple, they've actually made me worry more!

Thanks for your advice and good luck with all that you're doing

I always test at 2 pm and 10 pm and always catch my positive! Good luck!

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Shud add I got my bfp last week!

Good luck and all the best 😊

I find the ovulation tests very confusing. I used the digital ones last time but now I am just trying to figure out some kind of cycle whilst breastfeeding and having no periods. It may be that I have no cycle and that's why they are confusing!! Sorry, that's not really advice or help is it?!

Not to worry- it's just nice to off load to a sympathetic audience! I am told that breast feeding makes ovulation very unpredictable. Anovulation during breastfeeding could be an evolutionary response to prevent pregnancies whilst you still have a young child to look after. I know a lot of people want to have a short gap between babies though and I would not go as far as to advise a person to stop breastfeeding as I am no medical expert.

(I teach, amongst other things, evolutionary psychology)

Hi I don't know if this is true or not but I read somewhere you can still be furtile up to 3 days before and 3 days after your ovulation period. When I was ttc I tried to have sex everyday during that period of time. So for roundabout 6 days. Good luck to you all xx

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