Mum 40 excited now on 5th pregnancy feeling nervous

Hi I recently found out I'm expecting again my due date is 21/12 this is my 5th child my youngest will be 7 when baby due & oldest 18 where all very excited I decided just before my 40th that I was getting broody etc & wanted to try again so now I'm 6wks very happy but very nervous with all the tests etc been getting wee cramps and very sore boobs which I forgot all this very tired & queasy through all my other pregnancies I suffered really bad with sickness but at min sickness at bay so fingers crossed might be lucky xx

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Hi I've just recently found out I'm pregnant too. i'm 5 weeks plus 2 days. I've got a 14 year old daughter. This is my 2nd pregnancy. I'm so nervous too. I've been so tired sleeping a lot. Breasts feel heavy and sore most of the time, slight cramps. Letting off a lot of gas lol.. Had a headache a few mornings ago. These last couple of days ive been feeling well. Hopefully i wont get bad sickness like i did before in my first pregnancy.. Congratulations to you and i hope you have a great healthy pregnancy.. x

Thankyou sweetheart how exciting for your 14yr old a brother or sister may you have a lovely pregnancy rest when you can xx

Thank you. You too. Im hoping my boss at work lets me work 8 hours instead of working 12 hour shifts. Its so tiring getting up for work at 5am then working till 6pm x

Thankyou you too the sickness has now kicked in :-( xx

Hi congratulations on your pregnancy! 

I'm 10 weeks + 1 day with my third baby. I have a 13 year old and a 9 year old already and I'm really concerned about the age gap! 

Also I was 20 when I had my daughter and I'm now 33 so a little worried about being pregnant and having a baby now I'm older 😬 

Any advice? 

Not at all your still young embrace it just rest when you can I've just turned 40 and was worried but am gonna start relaxing and looking forward having another wee baby welcoming it into my crazy living family xx

I wish you well xx

Hi Rachael, don't worry you'll be fine. I'm 32 pregnant with my forth, my kids are 10, 9 and 16 months. The older kids are brilliant with the little one (much better than the oldest was when his brother came along 9 years ago). Most of the time they're off doing their own thing but they have such an incredible bond with the little one and are always (well mostly) happy to help out when I need them too. 

I find it is a little harder being pregnant now than when I was in my 20s, I think that's mostly because life is so busy now and I'm just not as fast as I was and generally just more exhausting but it's worth every moment


You will be fine don't worry sweetheart just take it in your stride xx

Congratulations!! I'm expecting four days after you!!! Early days yet but I'm over the moon. My eldest is 22yrs and youngest is 2 with lots in the middle. Babies are just so amazing but I'm going to have to stop soon.  I'm really really excited and got everything crossed all will be fine. 

Aww how lovely Christmas Day wow I wish you all the very best it's very exciting I was born on 23/12 xx

Oo how many have u got?  My oldest is 26   youngest is 19 months and 9 in the middle!!  Ttc again @44!! 

OMG! Ronnie 11!!! I think I'm the crazy one with number 7 on the way. I need to catch up with you. I took 15 months to conceive. Thought my body had stopped making babies! I'm sure I'll keep going until I can't. 😄

Been ttc since Sept.  Doc not very supportive tho - said it would be very hard at my age!  Charming!  Has a chemical pregnancy last month but hoping for good news soon!  Hope your pregnancy goes well!  

We started ttc last January so I'm sure you will be fine just practice lots!!! Lots of women have babies in their forties!! I had three chemical pregnancies too. Just hoping I'm not too early to be celebrating

I wish all ladies healthy pregnancy I feel happy to hear your stories I'm also trying at 42

Congratulations hun, all will be fine. I have a 20 year old, an 18 year old and my little man is 2 and a half. I had my little one when I was 41. With my second son I had all day sickness all through my pregnancy, with my youngest I felt great. All pregnancies are different. I was nervous because I was older and would be my 3rd c. Section. I healed the best with my last one. Just enjoy it hun. All these people who say your too old to be a mum in your 40's can stick it. We are proof that if you want a baby later on go for it anybody, I love it and my little man is so happy. You will have a great pregnancy x

Thankyou so much bless you xx

Hi I'm 44 and expecting my 6th child, my youngest is 15 in June and this pregnancy was not planned but it's happened and I am slowly getting over the shock!! I had my eldest when I was 18 so I've gone from one extreme to the other lol 

Wishing everyone healthy pregnancies and congratulations to you all, my edd is 9th Dec 


Good for you xx

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