pregnancy after a d&C

hi guys.

I hope I get some help. :(

I had been pregnany but had a miss. I gad gone in to see my doc at 8 weeks and a couple of days on the 1st feb. I had started spotting by then on my expected period date had I not been pregnant. she did a scan and said that I had a promising sack but at the moment there was no heartbeat which was not normal. she put me on utrogestan but didn't help. I guess I loss my baby on the 3rd feb.. im not certain. I tried a diff gynea on the 5th feb and she confirmed that it was a miss. I was just too heart broken to question what had caused it. same day I had a d&c done. im now 10 days pass that d&c. we started trying again since last Thursday.i now have this nausease feeling, same as I felt before I could find out about my prev pregnancy. acc to my dates. im due to ovulate only tomorrow. ive had intercouses on Thursday, Saturday and sunday... I don't know what too expect I so wanna fall pregnant again. am I preggies? is it possible so soon?

we hoping and praying to have our baby born just intime for the December holidays.

any help will be appreciated please.

thanks guys

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Hi karey, I am sorry to hear about your loss :( miscarriage is so heartbreaking and it isn't your fault. It's hard not to question everything to try to find out why your baby died but sometimes we will never know. I've found the miscarriage association website very useful for information and how to cope.

Apparently, you're a lot more fertile after a miscarriage and although the advice is to wait until your first period before trying again, it's just so that your dates can be calculated accurately. If you're ready to try again, which it sounds like you are, just go for it because the odds are in your favour.

Take time to rest and look after yourself. Hope you feel better soon x

thank you so much... have you been thru this before? I hope not cos I wouldn't want anyone going thru this can only imagine what it feels like but those who have been thru it really know the scars it leaves behind.

You're welcome. Unfortunately I've had 2 miscarriages. It's so painful both physically and emotionally. There is hope though because I do have a healthy daughter (born between the 2 miscarriages). Lots of women go on to have healthy pregnancies afterwards x

im sorry to hear that. how soon after your miss did you fall pregnant again?

It took 2 months after the first miscarriage (including the 1 month of not trying to get an accurate period date) so in reality it took 1 month. This time, however, it's been 8 months so far. It can be a difficult time but it will happen when the time is right xxx

So sorry you are going through this, I had a miscarriage after my 3rd daughter and it was emotionally painful btn 8 and 9 weeks, Woke up to use the loo and just lost a lot of blood in the loo, went to A and E straight away and they did a scan and could see was an empty sac, I was sent home to wait 2 weeks to see if it could come out naturally but didn't. I ended up getting a dilation and curretage. It took me 18 months to be ready to try again as I was scared to have another loss. I now have a healthy 4th Daughter conceived after that, she will turn one next week. The Doctors said you can try again if you are ready, the ones who ask to wait is as someone has already mentioned to make it easy to date the pregnancy. Make the right decision for your self and I wish you all the best. It will happen when your body is ready. Meditation helped too as sometimes we block our selves for different reasons. All the best. God, family and time helped me to heal. I never realised that loosing someone you never met could be so painful. Thinking that all babies go to heaven when they die and they are well looked after by the best of the best, they are in the best place. Hopefully we will meet one day God willing 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 You will heal too. Lots of women have miscarriages and go on to have other kids. Sincerely wishing you all the best for the future Xxx

thank you for your kind words... I just want to become a mum soon. I started trying but hopefully it works out. I pray to god he answers my prayers by allowin us to have our baby born in time for the dec holidays.... its so hard. I never thawt itwould happen to me. but do you think it runs in the blood? my mum had a miss before me as well. was her first.

I had a missed miscarriage and got pregnant 4 months after. Unfortunately it's really common :(

sorry to hear clair... I hope to get pregnant this month :(... god willingly. how many weeks after a dnc does your period come on?

They advised me 6-8 weeks and mine took 7

It doesn't run in families, no. It's very common and in most cases un-

explained doctors aren't exactly sure why it happens. Your time will come to be a Mum, best wishes Xx

thank you

Don't lose hope, there is every chance that next time you'll be luckier. I had a d&c on 10th June last year, then got a positive test on 7th August, so you can get pregnant again very quickly. Try to focus on looking after yourself, eating well and taking it easy.

thank you :*

hi ... just wanted to share and ask.

its 2 weeks now passed my dnc and I started trying as soon as we could. so we dtd last week Thursday Saturday sunday and lastnight... if my cycle is still the same then my ovulation date was Tuesday. but this week on 2 separate days I felt sick... nauseas more to say. yesterday was that second day and I went home and had to throw up. I know its too soon to tell but do you think that I could be pregnant and because I was superclean inside that the symptoms show up faster. im also tire, legs tired too and my cm is lumpy now and then... not slimy slimy but thick not a lot too.... I don't know what to think. I told this to my husband and he said I must be pregnant but I don't want to get my hopes up.

Karey, I am sorry to hear you went through miscarriage as I know exactly how it feels. I have lost my first baby at 8 weeks in 2012.It took me further 2 years to decide I am ready to try again and I have miscarriage again in June 2014, however that time hospital made a mistake and I was still pregnant with an ectopic pregnancy, Only at week 12 when my fallopian tube raptured and I had i9nternal bleeding I was rushed to hospital and had laparoscopy, I have lost my right tube which meant only left ovary and tube were working. I was devastated but so wanted a baby I waited one more year and after one month of trying I have found out I was pregnant. I contacted hospital straight away due my previous miscarriages and after two scans I was told it was ectopic pregnancy on my left tube. I was facing removal of second tube and never had babies natural way. I was given a choice of injection or another laparoscopy, doctor gave me 1% chance it is a normal pregnancy and 99% ectopic however that 1% was enough for me to believe I have a chance and I refused injection and went with surgery. After laparoscopy I was told they made yet another mistake and it was not ectopic and they don't know what happened. 3 weeks later scan confirmed my babie's heartbeat. I am now 17 weeks pregnant and never been happier. So please stay strong and believe that it will happen, Its not going to be easy but it will happen, all the best

thank you... I feel that if I get pregnant now it will my emptiness

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