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I have 5 weeks left to go before my babygirl arrives :-) this is my 4th pregnancy and it has been a while since I was last pregnant so I have forgotten most things! My concern at the moment is waters breaking?! With my other children I had to be induced so I don't really know what water breaking feels like but I have a feeling this one might be different. The midwife has said it feels like you have wet yourself (but to be honest I often feel like that lol) so do contractions start once they broken and what happens if you don't know they have gone ?!

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  • Hello,

    With my first my waters didn't break (still don't know when the water actually came out...), but I just started having contractions. With my second one I was two days overdue and on the sofa when my clothes started to get wet. It is in a way like wetting yourself except you don't feel it, there's no feeling like your bladder emptying etc, you just feel it running down your legs ;-) Very pleasant. I found it quite embarrassing as it kept happening for about 45 min. Despite thick pads I went through 3 pairs of trousers. For some it can be a sudden massive 'explosion', Ive heard, but so me it was more or less a constant wetting myself. Thankfully at home! My contractions didn't start then, it was only 4 hours later that my contractions started and about 20 minutes later my girl was there. But again, all that is different.

    You'll definitely know your waters have broken, Id wear those thick panty liners towards due date. All the best!

  • Thanks for the info youve made me feel better now :-)

  • With my first I jumped of the sofa and it just gushed out but just prior to that I'd been to the toilet and -excuse me here - had the biggest poo. Just got back downstairs and thought I need a wee but my bladder doesn't hold that much and there were my waters just pouring out!

    With my second I had a bath and noticed some jelly stuff in the bath but that had been happening for a few days then about 20 minutes later in bed I just jumped up and stood on a towel (conveniently left there!) and got a trickle. This continued for about10 minutes and stopes when I got to hospital (at about 10.30 pm). Got sent home and next day at about 9ish contractions started slowly at first then with a vengeance 3 mins apart. The rest of my waters were trickling out but the best bit, when I got out of my dad-in-laws car it just poured out and got lots of sympathetic looks as I left a trail to maternity!

  • Thanks for sharing :-) x

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