Passing sleep studies and slowly coming off O2 + picture

Passing sleep studies and slowly coming off O2 + picture

Hi all,

It's been a while. I thought I would pop on and say hello and let you all know how awesome the squidges are doing 😊😊😊 they both now weigh over 7lb and are both doing stints off their oxygen. Holly passed her sleep study in air which means she stays off her oxygen all day but then goes back on at night. Poppy has got her sleep study on Monday night, so fingers crossed she will do the same as holls.

The little monkeys are doing awesome, becoming very alert and very bored very quickly. I'm gunna have my hands very full until they finally realise each other exists πŸ˜…

Hope you are all well and hope you all have a fabulous Xmas.

*proof angels exists and that miracles do happen*

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They are beautiful hun! Well done! Hope you have a lovely first Christmas and New year. 😘 xxx

Thank you sweetheart, same to you aswell, how is your little lady doing?

Niamh is being a monkey, all the time. The travel cot now lives down stairs as she rolls everywhere, all the time, turned round to the log basket and a pile of sawdust on top of her a couple of days ago. We're weaning at the moment which is be hard work, but we'll get there. 😍 xxx

Awww, look at how they have grown! Bet you are so excited for their first Christmas! So nice to see they are progressing well. Have a great Christmas πŸŽ… all of you!! X

Thank you and to you also xxxxxxx

They are gorgeous. So happy for you . I'm glad the angels did their bit for you. I am hoping they do for me as I have my mum I'll in hospital. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your little ones. X

How wonderful! So happy for you all.

I hope you enjoy your first Christmas with your beautiful girls :) xx

Wow, two beautiful girls and doing so well!! Double the cuteness but double the trouble πŸ˜†!!! Have a fab Christmas and good wishes for the New Year xxx

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