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Meal times with 2yr old

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Hi all, after ideas and suggestions around mealtimes and my 2yr old.

Myself and husband work full time and try wherever we can to have mealtimes altogether. However, my little one doesn't like sitting in his high chair anymore and is not quite big enough to sit properly at our dining table - plus he doesn't sit still for 2 minutes!!

When he's in his childcare sitting he sits well at the little table and chairs with the others and always eats well.

Any suggestions ladies? It's not causing s huge issue just yet but it is getting more difficult to cajole him into his highchair and I don't want mealtimes to be a battle of wills!!!!

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Ikea do a small but taller chair. My nephew had this chair and it worked really well.

U can get chairs that strap to dining room chairs to make him feel more part of it. They're kinda like a booster chair but have a tray u can attach too if u wanted too

My little boy (also two), loves eating at the table at his grandparents' but struggles a bit at home- probably a combination of their chairs being higher and having different adults to show off to! So if you want to put the highchair away you have two options: either get a taller chair or invest in a booster seat- although if he's running away, the latter might be the best option. We bought this one a while ago to take with us if we are eating somewhere without a highchair but I think if you look around online you could probably find something much the same at a lower cost.

Hope that helps. Eating together is so important and it's really stressful when a simple meal becomes a battle. Good for you for persevering :)

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For some reason that last link didn't work, but you can just google 'booster seat'.

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Hey, thanks for these comments.

I found these booster style seats after I'd made this post and am definitely going to try it. My husband and I have decided our 'ground rules' for mealtimes and were determined to make it a happy family time as it was when we were both kids.

I'm a firm believer that you have to choose your battles with toddlers but I'm not prepared to start letting him have his meals on the run.

Thanks again xxx

I used a car booster seat for my son to sit on! Strap the seat to the chair. This raised him up, to be able to sit comfortably at the table. I paid £12 for my booster at trago mills. Good luck

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