My 7 week old is huge!

Hi lovelies,

Should my gorgeous Niamh be growing out of 0-3 months clothes at 7 weeks?!? She's ridiculously long. She's longer than some 17+ week old babies we've met at groups! I know every baby is different but she's growing at an unbelievable rate. She's exclusively breast fed too now as my supply has finally caught up. No formula for the last three weeks!

I know it sounds silly, but should I be concerned? She's not chubby, just long and lean. She is in the cot as she's outgrown the Moses basket, and only has a couple of inches to spare on the changing mat. I'm only 5'5" so she doesn't get it from me. Haha. 😍



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  • Babies come in all different shapes and sizes and she sounds perfect! My eldest did the same, very long but skinny so even though she fitted the weight part of baby gros they were too small and was exclusively breast fed but dropped down at around 18 months to the 50th percentile and then onto the 25 where she has sat until recently (she's now 12) where she is catching me up and I'm 5ft8! Number 2 was tiny, barely making the 25 and stayed there until 4 years old where she then went onto the 95 and at 10 is the tallest in her class and same size as her older sister!

    My friends exclusively breastfed 13 week old is in 9-12month clothing as was my sisters baby (also exclusively bf) was the same at the same age who now at almost 2 is bigger than my Mr average 3 year old and wears bigger clothes than him!

    All my four have been different so please be reassured. The growth charts are just guidance as are the clothes sizes. Enjoy your gorgeous little one and don't worry😀!

  • She sounds like she's absolutely thriving :)

    It's perfectly normal, so don't worry, babies are just little people and we all come in different shapes and sizes. My Isla's long too, she looks older than she is! She's exclusively bf too x

  • Thankyou ladies. This baby thing takes a bit of getting used to. Love it though. Xxx

  • It's totally normal hun. My first was 2ft long when he was born , so was always in clothes much bigger than his age. He is now almost 20 and 6ft 2! Don't worry. X

  • May have this prob soon too LottyB :-) my little boy, Alex, is now 14 weeks - he fits the 3-6 months clothes (& some 0-3 still depending on brand) ok but we recently had to invest in new change mat as he was too long for the first one & almost too long for moses basket. He's now 12lb 7oz & was 6lb 11oz at birth & 10lb 9oz at 8 weeks; so I think all completely normal :-)

    He's got really long legs (I do too) & likely to be tall like Daddy - I'm 5'4, but Daddy is 6'2 & his brother is 6'5!!! Reckon Alex will be nearly 6' at 13 or 14 years...

  • hey gorgeous lady!

    Wow, sounds like you have super powered mummy milk hehe.

    On a more serious note.... I definitely wouldn't be worrying if she's growing.... Unless it's about the increasingly large hole in your purse lol

  • Luckily a great friend gave me 7 (yes 7!) bin bags of clothes as her little girl was born 8 months earlier so I haven't spent too much as yet, though I'm sure it will change! Haha. I should hope my milk is super powered, it hasn't been the most comfortable journey, and ive nearly given in a few times.


  • sounds just like mine!! she grew out of 0-3 months at about 6-7 weeks too. always been slim but long - 91st percentile for weight but 98th percentile for height. she's 11.5 months now but wears 18-24 months or 2-3 years.... As long as your baby has been following roughly the same growth curve then there is nothing to worry about, and actually even when matilda jumped percentiles they weren't worried. just tall & slim by nature!!

  • She only had her height measured at birth and my 6 weeks check. Her weight has sat just above the 50th centile line right through so she's perfect. Just going to take after her daddy. My gorgeous leggy girl!

    Thanks everyone. Xxx

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