Ecv anxieties, can I change my mind?

I'm just coming to 36 weeks pregnant (1st baby) and currently baby is lying breech and my amniotic fluid is very slightly low (4.8cm).

I had an appointment at my local antenatal unit and they offered me and ECV appointment next week or a c section at 39 weeks.

At the time I said I'd like to give ECV a go and booked for the appointment next Thursday (30th July). I had heard before that the procedure can be uncomfortable and have been trying not to think about that but since booking the appointment I've been feeling really anxious and worried about it.

I have read that the procedure is not usually successful if your fluid level is low (I am guessing they are not too concerned about this as she had already checked my notes etc beforehand) and also that if your placenta is anterior it can increase the risk of abruption. Reading this has just made me feel more anxious about it and I'm wondering if maybe I've made an impulsive decision.

Has anyone else here had ECV with their first pregnancy, what was your experience?

If I was to decide to change my mind and opt for a c section can I do this?

If I do then go for a c section and baby has naturally turned will they go ahead with the c section or will I then have a natural birth?

Thanks in advance

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Hi. They will scan you before doing a c.section as if this was the only reason they were going to go ahead with it they would rather a natural birth if turned. My little one was breech, I could not have him turned. I was told to try going on all fours for 20 mins every morning and evening and rock my pelvis. Less than a week later I had a scan and he had turned. Might be worth giving this a go hun x

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"If in doubt, leave it out" is what I always like to say when I'm not sure about something - go with your gut and do what YOU want to do, it's your body and your baby.

I had an unidentified breech baby and was too far gone when I got to hospital so delivered him naturally; if I had have known he was breech I don't think I would have fancied ECV either and would have elected for a caesarean, each to their own, like everything in life, but whatever you decide make sure your comfortable and happy with your decision, that and you and bubba is all that matters

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I'm a midwife and although I haven't had an ECV myself I have seen many performed.

From experience I would say they either work and are fairly straightforward, or they don't and that baby just won't budge!!

No doctor will ever be too rough with you or carry on if you feel you want to stop. You are in complete control of the situation!

If it doesn't work or you decide not to go for it, lots of babies still turn anyway.

You can change your mind about ECV at anytime, even after it has started so don't worry you haven't committed yourself to anything.

If you have opted for Csection but baby turns they will recommend you try for a natural birth as this has less risk for you.

Talk to your midwife and she will be able to reassure you - all of your anxieties are perfectly normal!

Good luck x

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Thank you siren Shelley. I've been for another scan today and my fluid levels have dropped again and have been told they are too low for ECV now so have had it cancelled


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