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Has anyone got a flase negative with a first response??

I have a reg cycle every moth and this month I noticed it was 2 days late so I did a chepo test and it was negative waited a couple more days figured my dot would start but it didnt so I got a first response and it was still negative today im a week late and still negative?? No period yet feeling really dizzy and tired mild cramps ..can I still be pregnant?

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Hi cortkruger1 I would say give it one more week or so and take another test as sometimes your pregnancy hormones can still be low enough to give a false negative as the hcg levels are low and can not be detected in the early days of pregnancy or you could go to your gp and just explain that your late on your cycle and request a blood test that will be more accurate and give you a percentage of pregnancy hormones and whether it's really is negative or positive , hope this helps x


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