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ALT @ 72 .... NOT my liver!

I found very little assisted me, when I was originally told my ALT was high ... at 18 weeks pregnant! As this is my first pregnancy I freaked out and started doing as much research as I possibly could ... which considering Im not in the medical profession .... I should probably ot have done, as I ended up scaring the daylights out of myself ... and was certain I had liver damage!

Well, after weeks of blood tests and a liver, gallbladder and pancreas scan ... it ended up being gallstones - They only worked this out when I was 26 weeks pregnant. Although this is not ideal, it can be monitored in pregnancy and for most cases doesnt cause an issue as long as you are good to your body (ie. keep hydrated and dont eat fatty foods).

The point is ... my ALT is now lower and there are no issues!

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I don't envy you! I had my gallbladder removed last June when my daughter was 6 months old and people are still shocked when I say the pain of gallstones was worse than labour! Can't imagine having th whilst pregnant though!


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