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Missed miscarriage

Has anyone ever had a missed miscarriage and fallen pregnant straight away afterwards? Because I think it's happened to me, I had cramps and was sent to the hospital for an early scan, I thought I was 8 wks, but when they looked on scan I had a egg sac with a yoke ( about 5 wks) with 2 empty egg sac in my womb. I've got another scan on the 22nd to see what's going.

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I don't know if this is the same but I had a miscarriage last September when I thought I was around 8 weeks pregnant. I knew I was having a miscarriage and had two scans; one where there was a heartbeat but the baby was only about 7 weeks and then the second one it was gone. We had been trying to get pregnant so I knew I was from really early, less than 4 weeks on a 5 week cycle. It was quite odd.

Two weeks after the miscarriage, I fell pregnant again! We didn't plan it. I didn't even think I would ovulate that quickly! This time, the test didn't pick anything up until after my period should have started. I had a feeling when I felt myself ovulating as I had some funny cramps a week later but then a negative test. I had implantation bleeding so I just thought it was my period. When I didn't continue, I did another test and it was positive! Now I am almost 38 weeks pregnant.

Our bodies are very clever things!


Thank you for getting back ☺️ And congratulations on your pregnancy, I'm hoping all will go well on the 22nd, a missed miscarriage is where your not aware you are miscarriage, no pain, no bleeding, it just happens.

I took my first PT on 15th may which said 1-2 weeks, I think I must have miscarriaged not long after that, then fell pregnant again straight away within a matter of days


Hiya it is possible I have proof! I had a missed miscarriage and then fell pregnant I have a 12month old bundle to prove it. I hope it all works out for you xx


Sorry for your loss. I had missed miscarriage in early Jan 2014. I thought I was approx 8 or 9 weeks pregnant, but they confirmed baby's heart stopped at 7 weeks (had scan thru GP after light bleeding early Jan). However, things now improved as I started limited alcohol, decaf tea & coffee & eating healthily, also changed jobs so was commenting approx 45 mins-1 hr instead of 4 hrs a day. This resulted in second pregnancy in July 2014 & we now have an 8 week old baby boy (born April 2015).

Recommend you get it all investigated properly by Docs, seek counselling / advice if needed & keep trying - focus on your health for while, take folic acid, etc. - and keep the faith. Fingers X for you! Consider alternatives if needed (IVF adoption, etc.) My sister has 7 month old boy after miscarriage at 5 weeks in 2013, my cousin tried for years - no go - so they adopted 3 year old girl in late 2013 & a friend tried 5 years including IVF; she now has 10 week old boy at age 47. Keep the faith.


Sorry for your loss I got confused too mine was a delayed misscarrage possibly a totally different thing, it's still sad, and unfair, and I hope you don't give up xxx


Hi ladies, I'm new here, signed up because of this post.

I fell pregnant after 18 months of trying end of March But miscarriage at only 5 weeks, I went to see a doctor at our a&e and he just said let nature take its course and do a test the following week, it came back negative. They didn't offer a scan or anything. I am now pregnant again without having a period after the mc! I told the doctor last week that I am pregnant and I am still waiting for the referral to the midwife and still not been offered a scan. Very worried and confused. Can you get a false negative after a bleed and bad cramps? If so I could be almost 12 weeks already, if not I'm almost 8 weeks


If your worried at all, go to the doctor explain your worries and go from there, sorry for your lose and hope it all sorts itself out soon xx


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