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Another panic! Heartbeat of 128 at 17 weeks

I recently had my first proper midwife appointment and got to hear bump's heartbeat, which was such a relief.

The midwife didn't say anything at the time, but when I checked my notes and compared it to last pregnancy (plus Googled it) it seemed quite slow. Last pregnancy was around 145 (and I have a wonderful 2yr old son) , and most people online were saying the FHR was around 138 to 165 at this stage, has anyone else had this and should I be worried?


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Hi, don't worry! Babes heartbeat should be around double yours. At one point my little girls was down to 112. They don't worry until it goes below 110 they told me when I was in labour. I'm sure it is fine! Xx

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Thank you. That really reassures me x


Hi there.

The fact that the midwife did not say anything means she was not concerned in any way. If something was not right you would be in triage very shortly after that appointment being monitored and scanned!

The baby could have just been sleeping too, and therefore the heartbeat would be lower. If it helps my babies heartbeat was on the lower side (below 150) at around your stage.

Anything between 120 - 160 bpm is normal xxx

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Thank you for that, I think it was just because she was a new MW and even had to check my pulse top make sure she'd found it, I think if she'd said something it's a little slow but all normal I'd be OK, but the fact there was no comment at all and she had to check it wasn't mine kind of made me think x


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