Advice needed on fetal hydrops

Help desperately seeking advice on hydrops , I'm only 16weeks pregnant and ultrasound scan showed my baby has hydrops . Fluid under the babys skin , the heart has been pushed to the other side of the chest and there is fluid in babys right lung . Despite all this babys heart is still beating normally . We have been told there isn't much hope for our baby surviving the pregnancy but I just want more advice or people's personal experiences as the hospital didn't give us much advice . I can't help but thinking that the baby survived the heart being pushed over to the other side off the chest by the fluid and still beating away fine then there must be a chance . If anyone can help I would really appreciate it as this is my first baby so I am absaloutly terrified that my baby won't make it . I was given the option to terminate but personally I couldn't go through with it as I want to give my baby a chance , whatever the outcome may be I will always love my baby .Thanks agian xx


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  • I may not be much help, but, dr. Arent always right 100% of the time, i would eave it in Gods, hands and let him determine whats best for you. Ill be praying for you

  • I lost my little boy and it was the most heartbreaking time of my life. (Born premature) But those 45mins I got to hold my son was worth it, worth every second of pregnancy and the labour. I carried him, I'd planned his future I already loved him. This may not be much comfort as no body expects to have to go through such a heartbreaking time and expected to make such difficult decisions. But it's your baby as its mummy you can only give him/her a chance of life, it's quality not quantity. As parents all we can do is what we think is best... There are no right and wrong answers. Do what is right for you all as a family. The outcome may not be what you expected but I can assure you the hurt of not knowing if your baby could of survived will be much greater than knowing you gave your baby a chance.

    I wish you all the luck in the world xxxx

  • thank you , we are just staying hopeful as the baby has survived the heart being pushed to the other side of the chest so I think my baby is a little fighter. what ever the outcome is I will always love my baby , it is a very difficult thing being told that your baby might not survive and you cant do anything to help the baby. I have another scan on Wednesday so will keep everyone posted xxx thanks again

  • *sending huge hugs your way*

    Be strong, stay positive and do what is right for you. I can't say I'm speaking from experience, because I'm not, but hell, I'd be completely heartless not to be touched by this. I'm only around 7/8 weeks and I am completely terrified of anything like this.

    Like you said, your baby is obviously a fighter. Baby has proved that they are in it for the long haul if their heart is beating strong against the odds. Prove those doctors wrong sweety!!!

    I hope your next scan gives you more hope.

    Thinking of you and baba xxxxxxxxxxx

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