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Pain at 14 weeks pregnant

i had pain yesterday, kind of shooting up both sides of my belly and around my hips, and today I have cramps pains a bit like period pain.. they are sometimes quite strong but go away quickly.

I also feel really sick today.

Anyone else had this, or is it just normal? I think perhaps round ligament pain but I am not sure if that can cause the cramps feeling too?

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Hi Katrina, always check new pains with your midwife, but I'd say they are "Welcome to the joys of pregnancy" pains. Everything's starting to stretch now. Mine continued until 32 wks whereupon babs gave me a few weeks respite until 36 weeks when he decided to turn my midrift into a Timpani base drum. Yoga, deep breathing and meditation help - the earlier you start in your pregnancy, the better you'll kick in the pain relief routine when things get tough. Happy happy joy joy xxxx :)


I had shooting type pains throughout my pregnancy and i was constantly googling it and i was reading some pretty scary stuff, i now have a healthy 10 week old baby girl. I think for peace of mind, you should check with your dr, but if this is your first time, like it was mine, be prepared to feel all kinds of aches, pains and twitches. I was told that unless there is any bleeding, not to worry. Good luck xxx


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