No movement?

Hi, just wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation or has any advice, im 28 weeks pregnant, I hadnt felt baby move all day yesterday so went to hospital they checked heartbeat and sent me home, since then iv still had no movement except an odd clicking down from my belly button and left a little along with some burning sensations and a little pain that wasnt there yesterday, should I call back up? Hospital is quite a bit away and im not very good with journeys at the moment so dont want to make the journey for them to do the same again... iv tried a bath, cold water cold fizzy juice moving belly from side to side layin on my left side in a dark room.. any advice suggestions welcome, thanks.

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Ring again its always better to be safe than sorry! I hope little one starts kicking for you again and everything is okay? Xx


Ring your midwife and they can check for you and you won't have to travel again. Best to set your mind at ease and not stress. Also could try exercise or sex to get the baby moving?! I had a similar thing around this time I think and it's hard not to worry but he was fine. Even when i went in for my 20 week scan they needed him to move as they couldn't measure him properly where he was and it took a good walk around the hospital carpark and something to eat and drink. I wasn't sure he'd moved but the scan showed he had slightly. You'll only feel the big kicks i guess. You could get a foetal heartbeat monitor from argos as well. I didn't have one so i don't know how easy it is to locate the heartbeat yourself and i remember others saying when you can't find it when doing it yourself it causes more worry, but others said it was brilliant.

I would definitely ring the midwife though. xx


I agree with Melanie22282, call your midwife but also if the situation has changed and you are feeling different sensations it is a good idea to call the hospital again as well. Perhaps ask to be monitored for a while to see if heartbeat is consistent when you are relaxed and so that they can monitor movement. Never be worried about fussing too much or asking for further or more thorough investigation. You are your own best judge about your body and what you are feeling.

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Thanks for the replys, was took back up to hospital last night to be monitored and had another scan this morning... had a little movement so not 2 concerned just now as im only 28 weeks and it could be that babys pattern is changing so just to keep an eye on it for now, thanks again. Xx


My baby has done this too when I was 28 weeks, I drank cold water, when she still didn't move I called my midwife. Roughly 30 mins later so was moving all over the place. I would say always call your midwife. I hope your baby has started moving. x


Hi hope you and baby are well? if I can give you one piece of advice keep going back until YOU are satisfied not just your midwife, I was about 35 Wks when I had a pain and the movements slowed down I am so glad I kept going back as they induced me at 37+3 due to the lack of movement and because I went back that last time I am sat here holding a healthy baby girl who is 15 Wks old. So please don't think your pain go back and back again as many times as you need!!! (the consultant even told me to turn the car around and go back even if we only got 5 mins down the road to home if I was still unhappy with baby not moving even after being monitored for 2 and a half hours)

Check out this website it has loads of info and you can even by a band to count the kicks on. All the best xxx


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