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Did I miscarry ?


I'm 24 and don't have regular periods I have been to my doc and he has told me this is normal I have had one healthy child and 2 miscarriages in the past this morning I woke to find my period has come or so I thought about 12 I felt really dizzy and felt the need to go to the loo then I felt a very bad pain that made me feel sick and a large dark red sac came out and than a lot of blood this is just like what happened last but I didn't feel so dizzy just wonted to know your thoughts I am still feeling very dizzy and weak thanks for any info u can give me ?

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I would speak to a gp about this they will check hormone levels in your blood

You need to get to your GP hun, I've had a lot of miscarriages and after a few of them I was so weak I couldn't stand for 24 hours (I was about 10-11 weeks with those) but I was really dizzy with all of them because where as I'm not anaemic my iron levels are just on the border so a significant blood loss sends me into anaemia levels.

I hope you haven't had another one as I know they can be traumatic, my thoughts are with you hun xxx

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