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Has anybody here been tested for fetal fibronectin and been positive?

I am currently 34 weeks and went in to get checked because of upper abdominal cramps on Friday last. I was having tightening and they tested me for Fibronectin, an enzyme the baby secretes in the week before the onset of labour. Its a new test apparently but they say there is a chance I could go into labour in the next 10 days. I am now living with MIL close to hospital as we live 60 miles from hospital on docs advice. Has anybody else had a positive test? I think its new and info is basic. Fascinating though and really useful test as if it's negative there is a high degree of certainly that labour is not forthcoming but if it's positive who knows....

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Wow how things change and new things come out. ur case it's good as u have made plans to be nearer just in case. ... and will be interesting to see if u do! :)


Yes it will scan yesterday and sonographer was very surprised I was positive for it, no thinning or tunneling of the cervix and consultant happy for me to go home. So home for now and being vigilant. Glad to be home but not decided how long I'll stay here, we'll see. Don't feel like it will start but another eight days of the critical period to go and she is breech so hoping for an uneventful week.


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