Super light bleeding- could I be pregnant?

Hi! I'm 16 and my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on Saturday (the 10th of May) we used the pull out method, waited for him to cum but then we did it again. I've read that you can still get pregnant from that because of pre-cum or since we did it again after there could have been sperm left on him. I didn't experience any sort of bleeding after but then on Monday I woke up feeling nauseous and that remained for most of the day with no relief and then that night I had some extremely light bleeding that was nothing like how my periods are (they typically are extremely heavy requiring pad and tampon and very dark red in color) this was very light only requiring a panty liner and was a pinkish color that looked watery almost...this continued into the next day except it looked more brown the next day. I have still been feeling nauseous, have been incredibly hungry but nothing sounds good, sensitivity to smells and foods that typically don't bother me, been feeling incredibly sleepy and tired, some dizziness, needing to pee more, and some constipation as well...I didn't take any form of emergency contraception after because i couldn't get any...could I be pregnant? I'm freaking out and don't know if I'm just being paranoid or if I'm actually pregnant...thanks for your help!

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Firstly 4 in every 100 women fall pregnant on the withdraw method. If becoming a parent isn't something you want then you and your boyfriend should be using proper protection. If you don't want to take something daily then there are options which stay in for more than a couple of years (you can have it out whenever though).

Now if you think you could be pregnant, go see your doctor as it's all confidential. Or go buy a test.. You could buy one online if you're embarrassed but we can not simply say if you are pregnant or not. We can't even suggest it as it could be something else, good luck.

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