I don't know if I can be pregnant , help

I had unprotected sex in March , my last period was on March 13-17 , it's lasted five days or so , I had sex on March 22 ,23 , 28,29 , no protection or pull out method , I didn't get my period this month with was supposed to be on April 10-15 , I'm 8 days late ,

I been moody , sleepy more hungry more I just started to feel more nauseated , I just want to sleep , my nipples are sore my boobs hurt not as much anymore I get pain around my pelvic area , and light cramps ,

Can I be pregnant ,? Or ?

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Only one way to know! Pee on a stick. First wee of the day as its most concentrated. Good luck hope you get result you want x

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Er well unprotected sex and those symptoms - you certainly could be. I would defo do a test x


Like the other ladies said their is no point guessing with dates and symptoms the only way to find out is to wait and do a test! x


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