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What is going on? Could I be pregnant?

I have been feeling very odd lately.

I have an idea of what the problem is, but I still don't know.

I have unprotected sex a few weeks ago and then again the week after the first time. I took the plan b pill the second time around.

I took vitamin c tablets to try to induce my period and laxatives (I have a slight eating disorder...)

But ever since all that has happened I've been having these symptoms:

-strong period cramps but no period (has never happened before)


-clear to white discharge

-upset stomach (I don't want to eat..)

-strong "fishy" odor (fairly recently though)

-diarrhea (from time to time)

I looked some of these things up and they said all different things, but mainly that I could be pregnant.

I don't know. I'm worried. I plan to take a test in a few days. if its positive, then there answers that questions but if its negative..What could it be?

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If you have discharge that smells, have you considered the possibility of an sti at all? I've not heard of that particularly linked to early pregnancy....maybe an idea to get yourself checked out at a sexual health clinic and rule out those possibilities

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I thought that, but the guy I've had sex with is the only guy I've ever been with and I'm the only one he's been with.

And the odor just started today..


Hmm....well perhaps thrush or cystitis? Could be irritated down below and that could cause the odour....maybe getting checked by a doctor could be good? Otherwise definitely test as soon as you miss a period, if you do miss one. If you aren't trying to get pregnant, maybe see about contraception so you don't go through this again. Can be quite stressful

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I'm just so stressed. I plan to talk about it with him and see where to go from there. I actually went to the restroom earlier; I don't mean to be too graphic, but I wiped and a lot of discharge came onto the toilet paper..more than ever. What was strange is that it is a very light pink color now. The odor isn't from the discharge itself..I don't know if that means something else.

And I'm definitely going to start looking into birth-control!


Lol yh good plan. Try to stop stressing, sometimes that can affect how our bodies behave. If I were you I would go see a doctor or nurse about the odour though.


Yeah, I talked to him and he'll take me by the end of this week and after taking a few pregnancy tests. I tried to search about the pink discharge, but again, it tells me I'm either pregnant or possibly getting my period..

But thank you so much for your input...I needed it!


No problem. Hope it all goes well for you


The fishy odour could be bacterial vaginosis-where bacteria get upset in your lady bits. Your GP can do swabs and you can discuss your missing period too :-)

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The fishy odor went away after just a day of it, especially after the discharge went from pink, to light brown with spots/streaks of blood, then to almost no discharge and a light amount of bright blood. I don't know if it still counts as BV or what :(


If you're worried, your GP can help :-)


Hi there :)

You sound very worried about your situation, it's good that you have a plan to get the answers by doing a test . Even so, the waiting's horrid.

2 things struck me about your post. 1-you're stressed and 2-you have a "slight" eating disorder. Stress both suppresses the appetite and can cause period delay, whilst eating disorders can also cause lack of periods due to low weight. The other thing that concerns me is that the stress you're under may make the eating disorder worse.

If you've had unprotected sex there's both the possibility of pregnancy and sti. Whilst you know how many partners you've also had unprotected sex with for sure, you can't be sure that the person you slept with or their previous partners were telling the truth.

Please try to relax until you can test for pregnancy, I know that isn't easy, especially when you are stressed. Have you been to your GP to discuss the symptoms? They may be able to offer tests to rule out other problems that they would know about. That would give you some positive action on the situation, and feeling that you're not just waiting might help relieve the stress.

With regards to the eating disorder, are you seeking support from anywhere? A GP would be able to rule out that as the cause of the lack of periods, and will be able to put you in touch with other people who can support you. Talking about it might reduce your stress, and might mean your period returns quicker.

Please hang in there, I understand that waiting is the worst part but you'll get the answers you need soon I hope.


Waiting really is stressful..after all the clear white discharge it turned pink then to brown with light streaks of blood all in one day. Then today I have barely any discharge and a light amount of bright blood along with cramps. I think this is my period starting since it's around the time I should be, but I feel a bit nauseous..I read that there is a possibility that I could still be pregnant. I don't know when to take the test for an accurate reading (it's been about 3 weeks since the actual sex) I don't know what's going on. I don't have a GP, parent, or even friend to talk to about this. I have my guy but he's just as clueless as I am. I'm just terrified.


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