Anyone have constant Braxton Hicks?

I'm 33 weeks and have been having non stop braxton hicks for about a month. Sometimes I have as many as 14 short ones in a hour, sometimes I have one long one that lasts 25 minutes. It's exhausting and uncomfortable but my main worry is whether it is an indicator that my labour will come early. I just have a feeling that my little boy is going to make an appearance sooner rather than later, and I'm sure that's just paranoia but it's hard to get a definitive answer from my doctors about whether or not braxton hicks might effect my cervix etc... Anyone had any experience of this?

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I'm friends with a fellow pregnant lady who would hicks all the time. It's still cooking at 39 weeks.

My understanding is that they are practice contractions that do nothing to the cervix or any probs with baby.

I've noticed I've had them from 33 weeks, it's still cooking at 38 weeks (and I sooooo want it out now)

Hope this help settle your nerves.

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I have been having braxton hicks since about week 30 and they became much stronger around week 36 but no pattern to them, like you sometimes it's lots of little short ones and other times a long ache. Sadly I'm still hanging on at 40+3 and had a sweep yesterday and am only 1cm dilated so it doesn't look like they have any effect on your cervix at all. X


Hi I had a lot of bh with my 2nd and 3rd.pregnancy. I dont think they have any effect on your cervix just 'practice' ones xxx


Agree with everyone here. I didnt have many BH first time round but this time I have them alot. For me it is wishful thinking baby will be on time haha x


Same here I'm 36 +4 and one night was getting them every 5 minutes for what felt like hours so took paracetamol to help ease them. Generally get them every day but told it's all practice with no effect, I too just want LO out now :) good luck


Just the same with both my pregnancies. First baby 2 days early, labour in hospital 5 hours, second just 4hours overdue! Labour in hospital 3 hours. Hopefully you have similar good fortune. Good luck.


Thank you everyone for your replies! So helpful to hear all this! x


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