I took the depo shot for the first time in January I was supposed to get another in April but me and my partner decided we want a little one

I've already bled like they said I would and we have started trying is this to early? How long do you have to wait after your get off the shot? I was only on it from January to March when do I have the Greene light? We are ready for a family

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  • If u have already bled then i would say it was okay. I really want a baby, I was on deceaptyl injections for a year, i come off in jan and my period still hasnt returned. Good luck

  • Hi

    I think depo lasts for 12 to 15 weeks so you should be ok after that.

  • i wasn't on the injection but came off the pill last month we started trying straight away, got my first proper bleed today since stopping the pill, just go for it ;) x

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