what is the deferent between mIU/ml and IU/l?

hi everyone, im new here and im also hoping for some answers. i just went through my 4 IVF. 3 not success but the fourth it seems to have succeeded. but my Bhcg was very low 28/03 it was 93, second one was on 31 it was 237 the on the 4/4 was 341 this was done in mIU/ml. so i went in another place on 5/4 and bhcg was 126.7 IU/l. my doctor did the ultrasound but couldn't see anything and he said that it could be ectopic pregnancy but i have my tube clipped. has anyone been through this and turned out good? the clinic i went and got my test done, said that (mIU/ml and IU/l) is deferent does anyone knows? and that 126.7iu/l , is 1,127 miu/ml? plz help me.

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I'm sorry I can't help, just wanted to wish you good luck, it sounds like you & your oh have been through alot ttc x


I believe miu is a factor of thousandth of iu. The same as ml is a thousandth of a l. So 1,127 mili IU were found in every mililiter whereas the other is saying 126.7 IU were found in each liter. I would ask them to report in the same unit to prevent confusion. Hope it works out for you.


Hi all, thanks for the reply. i had another Bhcg done on Monday and it was 498.7 mIU/ml. my doctor did the ultrasound and didn't find any SAC. and he said that its not good because the BHCG is not doubling and he cant find the sac. so he said by Thursday if he don't find anything, i have to end my pregnancy. but im only 26 days since the transfer was done. he thinks its ectopic or the embryo implanted in the wrong place. i spotted for sometime but it has stopped now. no lower pain . im just confused to this point. did anyone experience this before? and what was the outcome? should i prepare for worse. we have been trying to have a baby since 2007.


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