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Third cold/virus this year!


Hi I have always had a very good immune system and am hardly ever ill...that is until I had my little girl who is now nearly 5 months old. We have both been ill three times since xmas! Is there anything I can do to avoid this? I eat very healthily with loads of fruit and veg. I havent had an unbroken nights sleep since she was born but have combatted that with early nights so I am still getting around 8 hours a night. I'm breastfeeding which I thought would protect us both. She does have one bottle of formula in the evening before bed though. As I am breastfeeding I dont think I can take echinacae which is what I would normally do. I cant bare the thought that this is what it is going to be like forever! Any advice would be gratefully received x

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Hi Seh303,

Pregnancy can be very difficult on our bodies especially our immune systems as once the baby arrives we are given very little to no time for ourselves to catch up with our general wellbeing & health.

Since giving birth to my 2nd child last year ( November) I've been taking some A to Z multivitamins & I believe it honestly helps to manage my tired-ness / fatigue & most importantly helps to keep my immune defence system at it's best.

My Lil one is now also 5 months old & although I now combine her feeds between breast, bottle & fine purée foods I don't think it affected my milk supply in any way at all.

These vitamins can be bought in most if not all major supermarkets now off the shelfs for about £3 to £4.

( I personally buy mine from asda)


Thanks very much...will get some vitamins asap x

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Its definitely worth a try, I'd say since giving birth 5 months ago I've only had the 1 serious cold & even then it didn't seem to last very long.


Yeah health visitor told me to take pregnacare... think breastfeeding does drain you all ur goodness goes into ur milk but I've noticed of I'm not well then my lo is unwell....I can't wait to feel better roll on summer!

thanks ladies x

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